Committee on Computer Resources

2018-2021: (9 Members)

Faculty Representatives (Name, Department, Term Ends)

  1. Andrew Bulawa, Mathematics & Computer Science (2019)
  2. Leslie Ward, Library (2019)
  3. Darryl Williams, Foreign Languages & Literatures (2019) - Co-chairperson
  4. Cesarano, Michael, Speech Communications (2020)
  5. Spencer, Cheryl, Nursing (2020)
  6. Keogh, Timothy, History (2020) - Co-chairperson
  7. Bellovary, Jill, Physics (2021)
  8. Bordoni, Adrian, Social Sciences (2021)
  9. Moretti, David, Marketing & Communications (2021)

Student Representatives

  1. Lin Rong
  2. Kyle Enriquez
  3. Chanele Rodriguez


  • Christine Mooney, Business, COC Liaison
  • Lucien Makalanda, Mathematics and Computer Science, Steering Committee Designee
  • Jed Shahar, English, Steering Committee Designee
  • Bill Faulkner, VP Finance and Administration, President's Liaison

Section 16. The Committee on Computer Resources

The Committee on Computer Resources shall consist of nine (9) members of the instructional staff and three (3) students.

The Committee on Computer Resources shall:

  1. Report to the Academic Senate on the developments, problems and policies related to all computer resources and computer related activities at the College (i.e. registration, faculty research, library, use of local and remote computers, educational uses, etc.)
  2. Make recommendations to the Academic Senate on matters involving the present and future utilization of these resources and related policies.
  3. Survey and inform the College community about utilization and new developments related to computer technology at the College (i.e. committee newsletter, web site, etc.).
  4. Act as a general advisory group on computer resources, training, academic web site and general educational use of technology.
  5. Provide liaison members to committees concerned with computer and information technology.

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