New Students

      1. All newly accepted College Disocvery Students must completed the following forms.

      2. Dates To Remember

       3. CUNY Assessment Test

        4 . Financial Aid

    • All entering students are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) using the previous year’s income tax information. Apply by May 1. Late applications can be submitted but families must be ready to pay tuition charges should application processing not be completed before the deadline. To learn more, click here.

        5. Advisement & Registration

    • Your CD counselor will help to plan your class schedule for both summer and fall courses. To make sure you are taking the right classes, your counselor will also register you in those classes. You will not be able to change those courses without permission from your counselor. A counselor will be assigned to you over the summer.

        6.  Attendance Mandatory- College Discovery Orientations

       7. Commitment Deposit

       8. Medical Clearance

    • New York State requires submission of immunization documentation for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), and a meningitis response form before a new student may be registered for any college class. Submit your immunization forms to the Health Services Office

       9. College Discovery Seminar (summer – fall)

    • ST100 Class: All new freshmen who are attending Queensborough as full-time students are required to take this Introduction to College course. CD freshmen will be registered for this class by their counselor.

      10. Tiger Connect Page

        11.  CUNYfirst

    • CUNYfirst is the automated information system used to manage the academic lives of our students. Claiming the CUNYfirst account is part of the freshman’s class registration process. CUNYfirst delivers billing, financial aid information, course schedules and more to our students. Your counselor will assist you with claiming your account during the summer session.

       12. Tiger Mail

    • Every student is assigned a free student email which is used as the prime communication vehicle among the students, faculty and college administration. New students officially accepted to the College may claim their TIGERMAIL account now

       13.  Proof of High School Graduation

      14.  College Discovery Student Guide

    • The CD Student Guide has been completely created for you to navigate through your semesters at Queensbrough Community College.


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