Dr. Paul J. Sideris

Contact Information


Mailing Address:

Paul J. Sideris
CUNY Queensborough Community College
Department of Chemistry
Science Building S-445
222-05 56th Avenue
Bayside, NY 11364 U.S.A.

Email: psideris@qcc.cuny.edu

Telephone: 718-281-5615
Fax: 718-281-5078

Office: Science 442


  • Assistant Professor, CUNY Queensborough C.C., Department of Chemistry, 2012-Present

Education & Experience

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2009-2012
    • CUNY Hunter College, Department of Physics & Astronomy
  • Ph.D Chemistry, Stony Brook University - SUNY, 2009
  • B.Sc. Chemistry, B.A. Mathematics, Binghamton University - SUNY, 2003

Research Interests

Among the myriad energy storage technologies available today, lithium ion batteries are poised to power the next generation of electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This technology is also prevalent in the mobile energy storage sector, powering numerous portable electronics such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and medical devices. Our group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of materials for two main components of a lithium ion battery - the cathode (positive electrode) and the electrolyte. We primarily use nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, powder X-ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy to elucidate the structure-property relationships of these technologically relevant materials. A thorough comprehension of these relationships can help us design new materials that improve the electrochemical performance of a lithium ion battery. Click the link below to learn more about our current projects.

Sideris Research Group


  • “Exotic Solid State Ion Conductor From Fluorinated Titanium Oxide and Molten Metallic Lithium” Federico Bertasi, Gioele Pagot, Keti Vezzù, Enrico Negro, Paul J. Sideris, Steven G. Greenbaum, Hiroyuki Ohno, Bruno Scrosati, Vito Di Noto, Journal of Power Sources, 400, 16-22 (2018). DOI

  • "Charge Transfer in Li/CFx-Silver Vanadium Oxide Hybrid Cathode Batteries Revealed By Solid State 7Li and 19F Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy" Paul J. Sideris, Rowena Yew, Ian Nieves, Kaimin Chen, Gaurav Jain, Craig L. Schmidt, Steve G. Greenbaum, Journal of Power Sources, 254, 293-297 (2014). DOI

  • "Single-ion-conducting nanocomposite polymer electrolytes based on PEG400 and anionic nanoparticles: Part 2. Electrical characterization" Federico Bertasi, Keti Vezzù, Guinevere A. Giffin, Tetiana Nosach, Paul Sideris, Steve Greenbaum, Michele Vittadello, Vito Di Noto, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39, 6, 2884-2895 (2014). DOI

  • "Subsurface diffusion of oxide electrolyte decomposition products in metal fluoride nanocomposite electrodes" Andrew J. Gmitter, Anna Halajko, Paul J. Sideris, Steve G. Greenbaum, Glenn G. Amatucci, Electrochimica Acta, 88, 735– 744 (2013). DOI

  • "Lithium Ion Batteries, Electrochemical Interactions In" Paul J. Sideris, Steve G. Greenbaum, Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (ed. Robert A. Meyers), Springer, New York, NY, USA (2012). Link
    • "Lithium Ion Batteries, Electrochemical Interactions In" Paul J. Sideris, Steve G. Greenbaum, Batteries for Sustainability Selected Entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (ed. Ralph J. Brodd), Chapter 8, pgs. 239-283 (2013). Link
  • "7Li and 31P Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Single Crystal LiMPO4 (M = Co, Fe)" P.E. Stallworth, R. Samueli, P. Sideris, D. Vaknin, S.G. Greenbaum, Advances in Inorganic Phosphate Materials: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 233 (eds I. Belharouak and V. G. Pol), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA (2012). Link
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  • "Identification of Cation Clustering in Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxides Using Multinuclear Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy" Paul J. Sideris, Frederic Blanc, Zhehong Gan, Clare P. Grey, Chemistry of Materials, 24, 13, 2449-2461 (2012). DOI
  • "Investigation of Cation Ordering in Triclinic Sodium Birnessite via 23Na MAS NMR Spectroscopy" Kellie A. Aldi, Jordi Cabana, Paul J. Sideris, Clare P. Grey, American Mineralogist, 97, 5-6, 883-889 (2012). DOI
  • "Iodide-Conducting Polymer Electrolytes based on Poly-Ethylene Glycol and MgI2: Synthesis and Structural Characterization" M. Vittadello, D.I. Waxman, P.J. Sideris, Z. Gan, K. Vezzù, E. Negro, A. Safari, S.G. Greenbaum, V. Di Noto, Electrochimica Acta, 57, 112-122 (2011). DOI
  • "Enhancing MQMAS of low-γ Nuclei by Using a High B1 Field Balanced Probe Circuit" Z. Gan, P. Gor’kov, W.W. Brey, P.J. Sideris, C.P. Grey, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 200, 1, 2-5 (2009). DOI
  • "Mg/Al Ordering in Layered Double Hydroxides Revealed by Multinuclear NMR Spectroscopy" P.J. Sideris, U.-G. Nielsen, Z. Gan, C.P. Grey, Science, 321, 113-117 (2008). DOI
  • "Tuning the Structural and Physical Properties of Cr2Ti3Se8 by Lithium Intercalation: A Study of the Magnetic Properties, Investigation of Ion Mobility with NMR Spectroscopy and Electronic Band Structure Calculations" J. Wontcheu, W. Bensch, M. Wilkening, P. Heitjans, S. Indris, P. Sideris, C.P. Grey, S. Mankovsky, H. Ebert, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130, 288-299 (2008). DOI
  • "Swollen Poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) as a Template for Inorganic Morphologies" D.P. Brennan, A. Dobley, P.J. Sideris, S.R.J. Oliver, Langmuir, 21, 11994-1998 (2005). DOI

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