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The 16th Chemistry Challenge sponsored by the ACS NYS LIS was held at QCC on April 15, 2016. Three QCC students (Tao Hong, Yueli Chen, and Jane Jiang) won gold metal in two-year college group.[pictures]

Chemistry Faculty members and students attended
the Nichol's Award on March 4, 2016. [pictures]

Chemistry students and faculty members volunteered the National Chemistry Week hoted by the New York Section of the American Chemical Society at the NY Hall of Science in Queens. [pictures]

Nine chemistry students presented their research results in the ACS National Meeting in Boston. [pictures]

QCC students presented at the CRSP (CUNY Research Scholars Program) symposium
at John Jay College (July 22, 2015). [pictures]

Commencement Pictures

the 11th QCC Honor Conference. [pictures]

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