The Office of Career Services: Focus 2


Who should take FOCUS 2?
Are you having trouble choosing a major?
Are you having difficulty deciding on a career path?
FOCUS 2 will help you select the right major & make a career plan!

How much time does it take?
You should complete the first two modules of FOCUS 2, Career Readiness & the Self-Assessments. This will take approximately 45 minutes. You can spend additional time researching different occupational choices and viewing over 300 career videos!

How can I get started?

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How can I get help with understanding my FOCUS 2 Results?
The best way to understand your results is to meet with a career advisor on campus. Career advisors in the Office of Career Services, the Counseling Center, and various programs on campus, have career advisors on staff to help you. They can assist you with interpreting the information you've learned about yourself, potential majors and careers.