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Past Events

  • Why Title Insurance is Important When Buying Real Estate Property - dated November 21, 2013 see video

  • Opportunities in Sales …… What it Takes to Become a Dynamic Sales Representative - dated October 30, 2013 see video

  • How to talk to people effectively - dated September 25, 2013 see the video

  • E-mail Etiquette - dated April 24, 2013 see the video

  • Ethics in the Classroom and Workplace - dated March 20, 2013 see the video

  • Career Opportunities in Accounting and Finance see the video

  • "Find out about the Ins and Outs of debit vs credit cards and other related bank issues"

  • A day in the life of a Securities Analyst... a worthwhile career opportunity see the video

  • Identity Theft could happen to you!! see the video

  • Investing from the ground up! ...learn the basics of investing to help you build a lifetime of wealth. see the video

  • Understanding your credit report... it could help you maintain a happy, healthy and fit financial life!!!!! see the video

  • Transferability Requirements to Baruch and Queens College- see the video

  • E-Commerce... ...there's an exciting world waiting for you to do business!!!!! - see the video

  • Bernie Madoff's $50 Ponzi Scheme analysis of his ponzi scheme - see the video

  • What does it take to become an Entrepreneur?
    ...find out what does it really take to be one. Get the inside scoop from a panel of experts. - see the video

  • Creating a Financial Action Plan
    ...building your financial future one step at a time

  • Email Etiquette
    ...becoming fluent in today's preferred form of business communication - see the video

  • Tenant Rights
    ...know your rights when it comes to renting and how to deal with problem landlords. - see the video

  • How to read your credit report
    ...learn how to understand this increasingly important document. - see the video

  • Calling all job-seekers!!!
    ...learn how to become a pro when going on a job interview. - see the video

  • Learn how to write a masterpiece resume and cover letter that gets results! ...create a resume and cover letter that makes you standout. - see the video

  • Want to increase your chances of getting a job???...internships can be the answer to help you get hired - see the video

  • A Career Track in Personal Financial Planning...helping people reach their financial dreams - see the video

  • Do you have an inquiring mind? Are you good with details and numbers? Do you have a persistent nature and are able think creatively? If you answered yes to all of these questions, a career in forensic accounting may be for you - see the video

  • Money is a necessity of life! ...learn how to budget your money to live a better life - see the video

  • Think you can be the next Warren Buffett??
    The Stock Market Game...
    Learn how to invest by running your own portfolio - see the video

  • Investing from the ground up! ...learn the basics of investing to help you build a lifetime of wealth - see the video

  • Ever been lied, swindled, or cheated??? ...Don't get mad, get even!! - see the video

  • Watch out for online scammers!! - learn how to detect and avoid Internet scams!! - see the video

  • Insurance - What id does and how it works!!

  • The value of internships

  • Understanding your credit could help you maintain a happy, healthy, and fit financial life - see the video

  • Career Opportunities in Accounting & Finance Jobs in Demand !! - see the video

  • Do you have what it takes to become a business owner?

  • Identity theft

  • Corporate scandals

  • What social security means to every American

  • Learn the differences between traditional and Roth IRAs

  • How to prepare for the world of international business

  • Building wealth a dollar a day

  • Are you thinking about transferring to Baruch or Queens college and are confused about transferability requirements? - see the video

  • Job opportunities in Small Accounting Firms

  • Career opportunities in technology

  • Career opportunities in accounting and finance

  • How to write a "job-winning" resume