Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) is to provide official, accurate, unbiased, and useful information and analysis to support institutional planning, assessment, decision-making, and reporting obligations.

As such, the OIRA is the leader for academic and student data analysis and interpretation for the campus. The office provides expertise in research design, methodology, and techniques in the fields of higher education. In addition, we are the primary resource for definitions of commonly and nationally used terminologies for institutional effectiveness measures.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment strives to disseminate useful and comprehensible information that creates insights and answers questions for various constituencies and the college community at large.  We collaborate with all members of the campus community and strive to provide high quality service. The office is guided by our belief in curiosity, continuous improvement and refinement of our expertise, reliability, and efficiency.

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Institutional Assessment

Queensborough Academies Assessment Protocol
The Queensborough Academies Assessment Protocol was developed through the collaboration of faculty, the administration, and the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. The protocol addresses goals and outcomes of all areas of the Academies and is an integral part of the institutional strategic plan.

Outcomes Assessment

Program Assessment

Institutional Data for Program Reviews 2012-2013

Institutional Data for Program Reviews 2013-2014

Institutional Data for Program Reviews 2014-2015

University Performance Goals and Indicators

Based on the University’s Master Plan, specfic objectives and indicators are established for its colleges. Each college is responsible for development of its own strategic plan, desgined to meet these University objectives and targets.

At the completion of every academic year, the University collects performance data from the colleges. Based on their interpretation of our performance data, Queensborough Community College has met or surpassed several set goals.

The report, in pdf format, details our performance and provides comparison to the other community, comprehensive and senior colleges of CUNY. The report is available at CUNY's website.

Results and summary reports of student surveys can be found in this section. Please be mindful of the publication year when looking for most recent results.

  Spring 2014 Student Experience Survey Summary of QCC Results (PDF)

  Fall 2014 Freshman Experience Survey (PDF)

  Fall 2013 Freshman Experience Survey (PDF)

  Spring 2013 Early Alert Student Survey (PDF)

  QCC Survey of Non Returning Students (PDF)

  Survey of QCC Graduates (PDF)

Queensborough Community College (QCC) launched the Starfish Retention Solutions Early Alert and Connect modules in fall 2013. This single technology solution aims to support student success through a variety of interventions including Early Alert flags, referrals to student resources and learning centers, constructive feedback from faculty through Kudos and other comments to students, and through targeted advising and tutoring. Semester to semester reports on the usage of the Starfish Retention Solutions at QCC are created by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and can be found here.

  Starfish Tracking Data for Fall 2014

  Starfish Tracking Data for Spring 2014

  Starfish Tracking Data for Fall 2013

  Starfish Tracking Data for Spring 2015

  Starfish Tracking Data for Fall 2015

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