The Faculty

Queensborough Community College has a superior and highly credentialed faculty. Every member of the full-time faculty holds an advanced degree or its equivalent. Fifty-seven percent hold the doctorate, and another 24% hold professional licenses or the terminal degree in their field. Those who teach in the career-oriented areas—business, the health sciences, the technologies—have had practical experience in their fields as well as the academic expertise. Those who teach in the creative and performing arts are, in many instances, professionals in the fine arts, dance, and theater arts. The full-time faculty number approximately 400 and the adjunct faculty approximately 600 as of 2015.

The Faculty of Queensborough Community College exercise the functions as defined by the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York and all other functions customary and proper for a college faculty. The Faculty shall be responsible for the academic status, role, rights, obligations, and freedoms of the Faculty, and such other matters that may affect the welfare of the Faculty.

There is a General Faculty Meeting once each semester that promotes awareness of current issues facing faculty. 
The Bylaws of the Faculty are located here: 
The Handbook for the faculty is located here:

The Faculty have a Faculty Executive Committee that acts as the principal agency of the Faculty.
Its charges and functions and members are described here: Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

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