Administrative Committees of the College

Purpose: See Governance Plan Article V and Bylaws of the Faculty Article XI, Section 11.1

Membership: See Bylaws of the Faculty Article XI, Section 11.2

Academic Review Committee

Members: (1 Academic Dean, 5 Tenured Professors and 1 Alternate)

Dr. Antonella Ansani, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Dr. Stephen Beltzer, Counseling
Prof. Edward Brumgnach, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Prof. Joseph Goldenberg, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Design Drafting
Prof. Kathleen Hartnett, Nursing
Dr. Diane Call, Senior Vice President for Finance and Acting Provost
Dr. David Shimkin, English

Student-Faculty Discipline Committee

Purpose: See Governance Plan Section H.3.
Membership: See Governance Plan Section H.1.
Members: (6 Students and 6 Faculty)

Professor Edward Brumgnach, EECET
Dr. Trikartikaningsih Byas, English
Dr. Sandra Bygrave Dozier, Counseling/Student Affairs
Professor Georgina Colalillo, Nursing
Professor Sandra Marcus, Library
Professor Ted Rosen, Business

Governing Board, QCC Association

Governing Board, QCC Auxiliary Enterprises

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