Candidates for Election to the Academic Senate

Most of the positions (73) in the Academic Senate (79) are occupied by people who are elected.

  • Department Chairpersons (18) are in the Senate and are elected by their departments following the bylaws of the faculty.
  • Faculty-at-Large (41) elected by their fellow faculty.
  • College Laboratory Technicians-CLT (2) elected by all full time CLTs.
  • Higher Education Officers-HEO (2) elected by all full time HEOs.
  • Adjuncts (1) elected by all adjuncts
  • Alumni (1) elected by the QCC alumni Association
  • Student Government Representatives (8) – elected by the student body

Candidates for membership in the Academic Senate must understand that the meetings of the Senate are on Tuesday afternoons and they need to be available to attend these meetings. All members are needed to attend in order to meet the requirements of the Open Meetings Law of New York State as imposed on all CUNY governing bodies by a court decision.

All members of the Academic Senate are not only expected to attend but to participate in the voting process on all matters. If anyone is reluctant to have a record of how they vote they should not make themselves candidates for election. All elected members of the Academic Senate who attend its meetings will have their voting record made public as required by the law. Failure to vote is to abstain and will so be noted in the minutes.

Current Candidates Statements
Candidates have been offered this forum for the posting of a maximum of 500 words to describe themselves and their positions. They may include links to other sites that contain information about themselves or their positions.

Faculty-at-Large (41)

Candidate: Arthur Adair
In 2005, I was invited by the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts to serve as Guest Artist to a production of Othello in the role of Iago.
Since that time, I have served QCC in varying capacities as an Adjunct Lecturer, Substitute Assistant Professor, and now Assistant Professor.
I have taken part in the High Impact Practices (HIPs) including Academic Service Learning (ASL), Students Working in Interdisciplinary Groups (SWIG), and the Common Read and have completed the Assessment Institute, Writing in the Disciplines/Writing across the Curriculum (WID/WAC) Training Program, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Institute. In 2014, as a participant of the ELearning Online Course Development Summer Institute I created the first online Theatre course for QCC, TH 111 Introduction to Theatre. Presently, I serve as Faculty Coordinator for the Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) and am a member of the newly established Writing Intensive Faculty Development and Assessment Pilot Project.
It is my desire to represent the faculty of QCC as a member of the Academic Senate. I thank you for your consideration. 

Candidate: Peter Bales
My name is Peter Bales and I am a full time Associate Professor with a dual appointment in the departments of Social Sciences and History. I always say the Academic Senate is the place where the College community goes to determine what kind of a place we want Queensborough to be. I've been a long time member of the Senate and currently I'm privileged to serve as Chair of the Senate's Steering Committee. In the past I've been Steering Committee Vice Chair and Chair of the Bylaws Committee and the Committee on Committees. One of the courses I teach is "American Government and Politics" so I've always been drawn to shared governance and the Senate. The College's governance plan states that the Academic Senate is the policymaking body of the College. At the core of its mission is initiating and/or endorsing the change necessary for Queensborough to move forward into the future. The Senate also facilitates communication between the Faculty, Students, and Administration. Faculty gain the opportunity for college service by serving on the various Senate committees. Notably, the Senate's Curriculum Committee (whose voting members consist almost entirely of faculty) reviews all new and/or changes to programs and courses at the College, and by majority vote determines whether or not to send them forward for a vote of the full Senate. Above all, as a member of the Senate and Chair of the Steering Committee, it is my responsibility (together with my colleagues) to ensure that all voices and views are heard, and the processes of shared governance at Queensborough are exercised appropriately and fairly.

Candidate: William Blick
I am assistant professor and the Electronic Resources Librarian at Queensborough. I also serve as the Institutional Repository Representative from QCC to CUNY. I am still early in my career, but I place great emphasis in college-wide service.
I believe in being civic-minded, and I plan to uphold the protocol and traditions of the Faculty Senate. I believe firmly in its mission, and it is my intent to use the available resources and my own experience to provide this essential service. I have served on other committees, and I would be honored to fulfill this position.

Candidate: Julia Carroll
My name is Julia Carroll, and I am an associate professor in the Department of Academic Literacy. I have served as a senator since 2004. Moreover, I am currently a member of the College-wide Curriculum committee. I also served on the Committee-on-Committees from 2013-2015, including one year as a secretary. I held a position on the General Education Task force serving under Vice-President Steele from 2014-2015, including one year as a liaison to the College-wide Curriculum Committee. In my department, I have served on the P & B for the past nine years, and chaired my Department’s Assessment Committee from 2012-2014. I am currently the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee. I feel that as a full-time faculty member, it is my responsibility to stay informed of important events impacting our College’s community as well as to voice my opinion regarding key issues affecting my students. Hence, I am humbly requesting your continued support of my Senate position in order to maintain my involvement in the governance system.

Candidate: Mike Cesarano
I have served as a Member-At-Large on the Academic Senate for almost ten years. I consider it a privilege to do so and value the opportunity to participate in the
governance of the college. Should I be elected for another term I will be grateful to serve the college and my colleagues in this capacity for another three years.

Candidate: Joanne Chang
I am an associate professor in the department of Music.  I have served at Senate at Large for the past three years and had learned a great deal from it.  Currently, I am the chair of the Library Committee and member of departmental P&B.  An active  volunteer outside campus for non profit organization, I also participate Service Learning Program on campus, collaborating with our students regularly to serve QCC and Queens community.  I am interested in offering more to QCC and getting to know more colleagues outside Music Department.  I would appreciate your support for the Senate position so I may continue to be part of our governance.

Candidate: Margot Edlin
I have just rejoined the faculty ranks as an Associate Professor in the Department of Academic Literacy after serving in the Office of Academic Affairs for over 5 years, primarily as a Faculty Fellow, but also more recently as interim assistant dean. I have served as an at-large senator from 2010-2013. I have also served on several Standing Committees of the Senate. I have been a liaison to the Curriculum Committee and the Continuing Education Committee. Additionally, I have served on the Ceremonial Occasions Committee and the Environment, Quality of Life and Disability Issues Committee. I am looking forward to continuing my service to the College and sincerely hope I am given the opportunity again. 

Candidate: Lorena B. Ellis 
It has been my honor to serve as a member at large of the QCC Senate for many years. I have been a Foreign Language Professor since 2008, and my service record with the college and the university is vast. I served my department in many committees, as well as language coordinator, P&B member, deputy chair, and as the FL representative on the CUNY Council of World Language Study for almost 2 decades. Currently I am serving on the Study Abroad Committee and the eLearning Team. I also dedicated my energy working  on several  committees  of  the Senate. Now  I am serving as the chair of the QCC Curriculum Committee, which I also chaired from 2003 to 2005. I welcome the opportunity to continue representing you in the senate and thank you for your support.

Candidate: Urszula Golebiewska
I became a part of the QCC Biology in 2008. Since then I have chaired and served on several college and departmental committees trying to maintain the input of faculty in the governance. I am involved in active research and in pedagogy and would like to continue so in a place that values the voice of all constituents. Participating in the democratic processes of the college would an honor to me. Being recently tenured prompted me to get even more involved in the policy making body of the college - the Academic Senate. After almost 8 years at QCC I have learned a lot about the institution and ways it works and believe that I can employ my skills and background to help in shaping it for the future. I believe that I could represent QCC faculty in the Academic Senate.

Candidate: Susan Jacobowitz
My name is Susan Jacobowitz and I am an Associate Professor in the English Department.  I have been at Queensborough since January 2000 and have served both in the Academic Senate here on campus and in the University Faculty Senate in the city, where I was also the Secretary of the Community College Caucus.  I am committed to Faculty Governance and have served on the Steering Committee and on the Faculty Executive Committee as well as on multiple committees.  Recently I volunteered to serve on the Food Insecurity Subcommittee and was involved in the research for the report that was recently submitted to the Senate.  I am committed to Queensborough and to CUNY, and I wish very much to serve our students and to provide opportunities for support for junior faculty.  It's a privilege to serve in the Senate and, if re-elected, I will continue to be an active and engaged participant.

Christine (Miseon) Kim
I am Christine (Miseon) Kim. I have worked as the Science Librarian since 2014 at QCC. I currently serve as a Library P&B member and a member of the Committee on Cultural and Archival Resources. I like to collaborate with people and when I do I am fully committed.  Even before I joined QCC, I was an educator that strongly believed in making a difference in students. QCC gave me an opportunity to grow not only personally but also professionally. In return, I’d love to give back by serving in the Senate.

Candidate: Shannon E. Kincaid
It has been an honor and a privilege to serve our community as a member of the Academic Senate for the last six years.  Over my 13+ years at Queensborough (and my 18 years in CUNY), there have been monumental changes in our institution, and I have always stood in defense of academic freedom, shared governance, and most importantly, our students and our shared mission.  I have a weird amount of knowledge about parliamentary procedure, and I am gaining a deeper sense of the "memory" and the importance of the body in guiding our community into an always uncertain future. For these reasons, I ask for your consideration in re-electing me to the Academic Senate.

Candidate: Rick Mako
I am new to QCC and will bring sincerity and fresh insight to all my work in the Senate. I will attend all meetings, learn all of the many issues and vote with you in mind. You will be able to see my voting record and examine if I have your interest at heart (I will!) A vote for me is a vote for getting things done, on-time and with you at the center. Give me a chance to serve you! I won’t let you down.

Candidate: Janice Molloy
I am Janice Molloy an Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing.  As a member of the department's P&B, my interest has been sparked to learn more about the college's academic process and the issues in our academic community.  Working with other disciplines has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my tenure here at QCC.  I enjoy the teamwork and collaboration and believe it has enhanced my role as a teacher.  I would like to continue to learn and row, as a member of the community.  I ask for your vote of confidence in this election, and thank you for your support.

Candidate: Barbara Rome
Effective and responsive governance is vital to Queensborough Community College. I value shared governance and understand the importance it plays in giving faculty a voice in the decision-making process of the college. Since coming to Queensborough Community College in 2011 I have served on the Continuing Education Committee as a member and chairperson, I currently am on the Computer Resources Committee where I was instrumental in developing the Spring 2015 newsletter in collaboration with the committee, and I serve on the University Faculty Senate. I look forward to working with faculty on the Academic Senate collectively putting our wisdom and professional expertise

Candidate: Emily S. Tai
I am an associate professor in the Department of History.  I have served as a Senator in Queensborough’s Academic Senate since 2001, and a member of the Steering Committee of the Academic Senate in various capacities—as Secretary, Chair, and Vice-Chair—since 2006.  I have also served on various Committees of the Academic Senate (Course and Standing, 1997-2003; Curriculum 2005-2008; 2014-present); as well as my own department’s P & B (1998-2012).  Since 2006, I have been elected to serve as a member of Queensborough’s team of representatives to the University Faculty Senate, and have served on the UFS Executive Committee since 2010.  I would be grateful and honored to continue to represent my faculty colleagues as a member of Queensborough’s Academic Senate.

Candidate: Alexandra Tarasko
My colleagues have supported my tenure as an Academic Senator for many years and my attendance at the Senate is excellent.  I have always been a strong advocate for faculty as evidenced by my previous positions as Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee, PSC Grievance Officer and member of the CUNY Governance Committee.  Presently, I am a Professor and Deputy Chairperson of the Nursing Department and Faculty Coordinator of the Health Related Sciences Academy.  I was recently appointed to the CUNY Faculty Affairs Advisory Board which makes recommendations to help faculty achieve success.  I believe in working collaboratively with colleagues when important issues affecting our campus come up.  I am asking you to continue to support my Senate position so that I may continue to be part of our governance.

Candidate: Craig Weber
As a member of the Academic Senate, I will attempt to fulfill my duties and responsibilities, as I have in the past, as I have served in the Senate before.
I have had a lot of experience on various committees over the years at QCC, and feel that I would be a positive contributor in this particular role.
I'm at present on the General Education Task Force on assessment under Dean Steele, representing the ET Department(Engineering Tech), and I'm the Club Advisor of the Architecture Club.
I would kindly appreciate your backing, so I may continue to serve the college with enthusiastic dedication.

College Laboratory Technicians-CLT (2)

Candidate: John Doe

Candidate: Jane Doe

Candidate: John Doe

Candidate: Jane Doe

Higher Education Officers-HEO (2)

Candidate: John Doe

Candidate: Jane Doe

Candidate: John Doe

Candidate: Jane Doe

Adjuncts (1)

Candidate: John Doe

Candidate: Jane Doe

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