Candidates for Election to the Academic Senate

Most of the positions (73) in the Academic Senate (79) are occupied by people who are elected.

Candidates for membership in the Academic Senate must understand that the meetings of the Senate are on Tuesday afternoons and they need to be available to attend these meetings. All members are needed to attend in order to meet the requirements of the Open Meetings Law of New York State as imposed on all CUNY governing bodies by a court decision.

All members of the Academic Senate are not only expected to attend but to participate in the voting process on all matters. If anyone is reluctant to have a record of how they vote they should not make themselves candidates for election. All elected members of the Academic Senate who attend its meetings will have their voting record made public as required by the law. Failure to vote is to abstain and will so be noted in the minutes.

Current Candidates Statements
Candidates have been offered this forum for the posting of a maximum of 500 words to describe themselves and their positions. They may include links to other sites that contain information about themselves or their positions.

Faculty-at-Large (41)

Candidate: Michael Altimari
I am running for academic senate for one reason. To earnestly try to bring more pragmatic thought and common sense logic to the decision making of the group. I have been successful using this paradigm to help update the curriculum for courses in biology. I use it everyday in the classroom to help my student learn. The researcher inside me demands that I seek out and use the most straight forward and simple solution to any problem. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Candidate: Jean Amaral
As assistant professor and emerging technologies librarian, I’ve had the opportunity and good fortune to work with faculty, students, and staff across many departments in the just under two years that I’ve been here, experiencing first hand our community’s dedication to quality education. Having served as both senator and faculty senate president in my previous position at Antioch University New England, I understand and am committed to the crucial role shared governance plays in maintaining a vibrant, viable academic institution that serves the best interests of our students. I currently serve on the Senate eLearning Committee and the CUNY Copyright Committee. I would like to broaden my experience at QCC by serving on the Senate and feel that I would be able to contribute in a positive way to our governing body.  

Candidate: Joe Bertorelli
At Queensborough I have developed new curriculum and have obtained grants to support the work of the department, have assumed roles of leadership within the department, have participated in undergraduate research efforts and learning communities, and served a role in the governance of the College. I will diligently prepare for each session of the Senate if elected.

Candidate: Barbara Blake-Campbell
I was first introduced to the governance style of this College when I was elected as Secretary to the Steering Committee where I served two terms, 2009-2010, and 2010 to 2011. In my role as secretary I had the opportunity to see two styles of Presidency, first with President Eduardo Marti, and now with President Diane Call. I attended monthly meetings with the President as a member of the Steering Committee where I gleaned insight into aspects of the bylaws, policies and procedures that are integral to the operation of any institution of higher learning that I would not have otherwise gained. Through shared governance, the integrity of the curriculum and the quality of student life can be ensured. As Senator, I would add one more voice to promoting the interests and priorities of the faculty, staff and students, and contribute to the success of Queensborough Community College. Shared governance allows faculty to participate in the decision-making process to create as close to an ideal institution as is possible.

Candidate: Belle Birchfield
It has been my honor to participate in shared governance as a dedicated faculty member-at-large since 2008.  During my tenure in the senate I have never missed a meeting, but beyond my responsibility as a faculty senator, I also served from 2008-2013 as the first elected Senate Technology Officer. In this role I worked regularly with our Senate Steering Committee, as well as the Faculty Executive Committee to see that voting in the senate and other governance elections proceeded accurately and fairly.  As a senator I have searched through bylaws to effect reasonable policies and suggested rewordings in the interest of clarity and policy change in the interest of equitability.   Currently I am developing a broader perspective on higher ed by serving as the chairperson of the curriculum planning committee for B-Tech, an exciting partnership with a new high school and industry company (SAP), to lay the groundwork for a program that combines both high school and A.A.S. degrees over six years. As a senator I have been regularly reporting on this topic to the senate body and I am most interested in hearing from the community at large. My rank is full professor in the Engineering Technology Department and I have completed terms on the Bylaws Committee as well as the Committee on Course and Standing of the Academic Senate.  These experiences all give me some level of understanding of the workings of the Senate as well as perspective on positive directions for the future.  Shared governance is truly a valuable opportunity for dialog between faculty, staff and students and I would welcome the chance to continue to serve as a faculty senator. 

Candidate: Regina Cardaci
The Academic Senate of Queensborough Community College is an opportunity to discuss and effect changes in policy and curriculum toward improving student outcomes.  As a tenured Associate Professor, I have been actively involved in activities to this end.  Service learning is one high-impact practice that I implemented into the nursing curriculum three years ago. 

Candidate: Georgina Colalillo
I have served as a faculty member at large in the Academic Senate for two terms and I am committed to representing the faculty in shared governance and decision-making that impacts our students and the future of Queensborough. Since 2002, I have been actively collaborating with faculty across disciplines and across campuses on multiple levels including integration of high impact pedagogies into the curriculum and developing innovative programs for student success.  Having been through the accreditation process both at the department level and college-wide, I have a great appreciation of the importance of faculty contribution and collaboration in this process to ensure successful achievement of the mission and goals of our college. I served as chairperson of the Admissions Committee and the Committee on Environment, Quality of Life and Disability Issues.  Currently, I am a member of the Committee on Course and Standing and I look forward to continuing my service with the Academic Senate. 

Candidate: Kelly Ford
As a current member of the Academic Senate I have gained valuable experience enabling me to better understand the responsibilities of the position, most important of which is representing the interests of faculty and the college community as a whole.

At QCC I have served on many important committees. I currently hold the position of Chair of the Admissions Committee. I am also currently serving as a member of the Honors Program Committee. I served on and held the position of Secretary of the Academic Development / Elective Academic Programs Committee. I served as a member of the Senate Special Committee on General Education Learning Outcomes. In addition, I served as a member of the Governing Board of the Queensborough Community College Auxiliary Enterprise Association, Inc.

 In my role since the Spring of 2009 as a Faculty Coordinator for the Business Academy, I have conducted assessment at the course level, department level and college wide level. I am also active in student activities including Co-advisor of the Alpha Beta Gamma Business Honor Society, Co-advisor of the Mock Trial Team and Co-advisor of the Accounting Student Team Competition.

While I bring both a strong Accounting/Finance academic background and real world business experience with me to the position, I also understand and support the ideology that affect faculty. I ask for your support in reelecting me to continue to serve in The Academic Senate.

Candidate: Simran Kaur
My academic journey at Queensborough began in 2003. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to be involved in program and curriculum development, active scientific research, grant writing, pedagogical research, course assessment and collaborative work with fellow QCC faculty and staff. I have been elected twice to my department P&B committee and have also served on several college and department level academic committees. I have incorporated writing intensive, academic service learning and now global and diversity learning as high impact teaching practices strongly believing in the positive outcome these practices have in stimulating active and experience based learning.  I am also a mentor for the microbiology honors/service learning program and have had wonderful experiences in student mentorship.

For the past eight years I have also been the Co-PI of QCC’s Science Technology Entry Program (QCC-STEP; a NYSED grant-funded program that provides the much needed academic support in the STEM fields to middle and high school students.

Our challenge as QCC faculty is to serve our very diverse and deserving student population; our strength lies in our commitment to them and using unique approaches to bring quality and meaningful education.  My aim will always be working towards building a sound academic environment through collaborative efforts of all teaching and administrative departments and all members of the QCC community.

I have not yet served on the academic senate and would really welcome the opportunity. In this capacity, I will constantly support faculty in their efforts in scholarly work, research, grant work, publications, building collaborations, using best practices and above all engaging our students in productive learning.   

Candidate: Sebastian Murolo
I have been teaching Accounting and Income taxation (BU101, 102, 108) full-time at Queensborough Community College since August 2009.  Since that time I volunteered my time to present at the Health Lecture Series to teach our students how to make a “healthy” budget. The students have enjoyed the presentation so much, that I have been invited back every semester. I then collaborated with faculty in four different disciplines to do a Service-Learning project helping to educate women who’ve recently left prison about Financial Literacy. I am a CUNY graduate.  Also, my daughter went to QCC and was a scholar-athlete with a very high GPA.  She is so grateful to all of the amazing professors she had here. I have devoted my business experience and background to reach out to our students and our community and as a senator I will devote my time and energy to work effectively for the success of Queensborough Community College.  Thank you.

Candidate: Andrew Nguyen
I write this letter to introduce myself to the QCC community.  I started my tenure track position as an assistant professor here in 2007 after finishing my six year post doctorate fellowship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  My teaching evaluations from the students and members of our departmental P and B have been very good.   In addition to teaching and serving on several committees, I continue to do my research on inflammatory bowel disease and its association with colorectal cancer.  I have numerous publications prior to coming to QCC as well as some recent ones with our students.  I am running for the senate because I would like to continue my current position as a senator representing science faculty.  During my first term as a senator from the Department of Biological Sciences and Geology, I make sure that my votes represent the majority of my peers’ opinions.  For example, my voting record would show that I voted against the pathways as I am sure that was what most of my peers wanted.  I love the opportunity to participate in shared governance and to voice my opinion on issues that affect not only my department but also to our college as well.

Candidate: Barbara Rome
I came to Queensborough Community College from Westchester Community College. Immediately I was impressed with shared governance at the college by faculty and administration and look forward to becoming an active member. My first semester at QCC the nursing department was going through its reaccreditation with the NLNAC, I took an active role in the accreditation process. I also became the chairperson for our departmental Assessment and Evaluation Committee. I was elected to the Continuing Education Committee first as a liaison, then member and now chairperson. I am a member of the University Faculty Senate (USF) and sit on the Library and Technology Committee for the USF. Currently I am attending the Graduate Center for my PhD in Nursing.

Candidate: Andrea Salis
I am seeking re-election for the Academic Senate. As a full-time faculty member of the Health, Physical Education and Dance Department of QCC for over 10 years, I have served on several Senate and College committees including the Senate Academic Development, College Honors Program, and the Environment, Quality of Life, and Disability Sub-Committee. As a member of the Senate Academic Development Committee, I served as co-chair in 2008-2009 and secretary in 2013-2014. Within my department, I have served on several committees, including, assessment, curriculum and facilities. Currently, I chair the department assessment committee. Most recently, I have had the opportunity to serve on the Steering Committee for the College’s Periodic Review Report (PRR). The PRR is a retrospective, current, and prospective analysis which presents the College’s institutional progress and planning information to the Commission on Higher Education and assists the Commission in evaluating QCC’s compliance with accreditation standards. As a member of the PRR Steering Committee, I helped in the preparation of the PRR and was a part of the constructive discussions among QCC’s faculty, staff and administrators on recent developments and current issues within QCC. Having had this valuable experience, I have gained a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the College’s strengths and opportunities. I would welcome the opportunity to again represent the College’s faculty by serving as a senator in the Academic Senate. 

My collaborative work at QCC has been featured in CETL’s In the Spotlight, spring 2013 and QCC’s The Service-Learner, summer 2013. For my faculty profile, please see the following link:

Candidate: Jeffrey Schwartz
Hello, I’m Jeffrey L. Schwartz (call me “Jeff”) and I’m running for my first full three-year term as senator. I have been serving since last March as the Senate Technology Officer, a position that must be held by a senator. This means that I am in charge of making sure that all voting runs smoothly, both at our monthly senate meetings and in all elections you hear about via e-mail, such as this one. Don’t worry; I am not able to see who voted for whom, just the final tallies. As the only person ready, willing, and able to serve as Senate Technology Officer, I hope you will vote me into the Academic Senate so I can continue to keep the clickers clicking and the voters voting.

Candidate: Danny Sexton
My name is Danny Sexton, and I am an assistant professor of English who was appointed in the fall of 2013. While I am new to Queensborough Community College, I am not new to higher education or CUNY. I completed my doctorate at the CUNY Graduate Center and was a faculty member at the Borough of Manhattan Community College for a number of years. During my time at BMCC, I served on numerous department and college committees and was also a deputy chair of the English department. These various positions depended upon my abilities and willingness to communicate and collaborate effectively with faculty, staff, and students. We become better people and institutions through listening attentively and working diligently with others for a common goal. I seek election to the Academic Senate because shared governance allows that opportunity to better ourselves, and I want to be instrumental in serving the needs of our faculty, staff, and students. Your vote would be greatly appreciated. 

Candidate: Alicia Sinclair
I’ve been at QCC full-time since 2006; I was an adjunct before that.  I’ve been here long enough to know how things work, but not too long that I know everything!  I’d like the opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on Senate as I’ve never served.  Given the size of my Department, we are usually at capacity for seats.  As a senator, I will be an active participant and I will always be looking for best practices that benefit faculty and students.  I’ve been fortunate to be associated with other institutions and universities, which may provide useful insight in the governance process.  My bio is available at the following link:

Thanks for your consideration.

Candidate: Amy Traver
My name is Amy Traver and I’m an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Social Sciences department. During my six years at Queensborough, I have served in a number of capacities, and participated in a variety of initiatives and opportunities, at the department, college, and university levels. While this is my first time running for a faculty-at-large position in the college’s Academic Senate, I have served as a member, as secretary, and as chair of the Academic Senate’s Computer Resources Committee. I believe that collaboration is central to both faculty success and the wellbeing of a college community. I also believe that, given our extensive commitments to students, department(s), college(s), and discipline(s), faculty service should be productive and positive. If elected to the Academic Senate, I will continue to find energy and direction in our students’ many abilities and aspirations. Thank you for your consideration. 

Candidate: Eileen White
As a professor of film history, theory and production in the Speech and Theatre department since 2006 and a senator since 2008, I have had the privilege of working with faculty and staff across disciplines on numerous projects and committees. One of the most outstanding things about QCC is the integrity, enthusiasm and willingness that everyone approaches the tradition of shared governance. Collaborative art like theatre and film cannot exist in a vacuum and neither can an institution of higher learning. We are fortunate that we can listen and learn from our students and colleagues as well as have the opportunity to participate in the decisions that matter at such a unique institution as Queensborough. Thank you for the opportunity that I have had to serve the college this way and I hope you will let me continue.

Candidate: Weier Ye
For almost 30 years, I've been teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and ESL (English as a Second Language) both in and outside the United States. I am currently an Assistant Professor of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in the Academic Literacy Department. As the only person in the department whose first language is not English, I appreciate this wonderful opportunity of working for the QCC community. My previous EFL/ESL teaching experience has provided me with a well-grounded understanding of QCC's ESL population, so I could also contribute to Senate issues involving ESL pedagogy. That is why I pledge to serve on the Academic Senate to do my part for the best interests of our great college. I am dedicated and committed to working for all faculty in a collegial manner. I will advocate faculty voices in academic and professional matters to enhance student and faculty achievements. I appreciate your vote. 

Candidate: Reuvain Zahavy
   I have been a senator for almost 20 years. I have an excellent attendance record on the senate. I am involved in all the issues. My concern has always been that we remain a unified body. Over the years I have been the chair of or a member of most of the academic senate's committees as well as my department's internal committees.
I served as a union delegate as well as department representative to the union.
   As evening supervisor of my department for the last 20 years I have served not only my department , but I have been in contact with our administration and with the other departments and offices of the college on a regular basis.
I run a very popular club on campus and I have also mentored new faculty and advised students. I am very much aware of he academic needs and desires of our students.
I am also very knowledgeable of  the  academic needs and requirements of every department.
As a senator, I will continue to help every department .
I understand what makes Queensborough great!
I will continue to fight to keep it great!
                  PLEASE VOTE FOR ME TODAY.

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