Project PRIZE Academic Calendar

Project PRIZE Academic Calendar for the school year 2013-2014

Session I                                                                          Session II        

10/19/13 thru 2/1/14  except on the following Saturdays   2/8/14 thru 5/10/14  except on the following Saturday

11/30/13  No Program Scheduled Thanksgiving Holiday     2/22/14 No Program Scheduled Mid-Winter Recess

12/14/13 End of the Year Trip                                          3/22/13 Winter Field Trip

12/21/13 No Program Scheduled Christmas Holiday           4/19/14 No Program Scheduled Easter Holiday

12/28/13 No Program Scheduled New Year's Holiday          5/17/14 End of the Year Luncheon

                                                                                        End of the Year Trip To Be Announced


Schedule of  Project PRIZE Saturday Workshops Session I                                                                                 

Description of Saturday Workshops offered in the Project PRIZE Saturday Session I