•  U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu and Congresswoman Grace Meng toured workforce development and job training initiatives at Queensborough Community College (01/28/2015)
•  The Passion of Tango, the Romance of Ballet and a Spiritual Medium Begin the Spring 2015 Season at Queensborough’s Performing Arts Center (QPAC) (01/20/2015)
•  Diversity is the Hallmark of Queensborough’s Nursing Graduates (01/16/2015)
•  Mock Trial Team Sparked a Former Student’s Passion for a Career in Law (01/08/2015)

•  Queensborough Student’s Paintings Offer “Windows of Inspiration”, An Exhibit at the QCC Art Gallery Beginning March 11, 2015 (02/17/2015)
•  College Library Display Highlights Artistic and Cultural Resources (02/17/2015)
•  Queensborough Athletes have been awarded Academic All Region and CUNY Athletic Conference Scholar Athlete Honors: (02/10/2015)

•  Dance Student Shines at 2015 American College Dance Association Northeast Regional Conference (03/30/2015)
•  Queensborough Community College Professor Receives the Feliks Gross Endowment Award, CUNY’s Highest Award for Assistant Professors (03/25/2015)
•  Queensborough Community College Students Named 2015 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Scholars (03/25/2015)

•  Queensborough Students Earn First and Second Place Awards among 104 Presenters at the Sigma Xi 2015 Northeastern Regional Research Conference (04/22/2015)
•  Students Respond to Genocide through Artistic Expression in a Major Exhibition at Queensborough’s Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives beginning April 16 (04/13/2015)
•  Faculty, Staff and Students in the Department of Art & Design will Present their Selected Works at the QCC Art Gallery beginning April 16 (04/08/2015)
•  Mock Trial Team Earns Honorable mention for Spirit of AMTA Award at AMTA Regional Tournament at Roger Williams University (04/08/2015)

•  Congratulations To The Class Of 2015! Queensborough Celebrates Its 54th Commencement Ceremony (05/29/2015)
•  The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has awarded Queensborough Community College a grant to feature the work of acclaimed photographer Marc Asnin (05/26/2015)
•  Outstanding Students in the Department of English Receive Honors for Exemplary Writing (05/20/2015)
•  Queensborough Students Earn First and Second Place Awards at Capital One Finals (05/20/2015)
•  Three Queensborough Community College Students Receive Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships (05/04/2015)
•  Student Speakers Set the Tone as Queensborough Celebrates its Distinguished Honorees at the 2015 Partners for Progress Gala (05/01/2015)

•  Summer NSF REU Awards Give Queensborough’s STEM Students Research Opportunities at Colleges and Universities Around the Country (06/23/2015)
•  Acquisition of Impressionist Sculptures Enhances the QCC Art Gallery’s Outdoor Space and Garden (06/09/2015)
•  Nursing Graduates Lauded for Dedication and Determination to Succeed (06/05/2015)

•  Queens Public Television (QPTV) Receives Top Honors for Filming of Queensborough’s Performing Arts Center (QPAC) “Cherry Poppin’ Daddies” (07/27/2015)
•  Queensborough Students “Practice Law” at the CUNY Law Pipeline to Justice Summer Immersion Program (07/22/2015)
•  Spring Graduate Hyo Jung Shin Receives 2015 Phi Theta Kappa Hites Transfer Scholarship (07/16/2015)
•  Port of Entry Program Director Receives Inspiring Leadership Award (07/15/2015)
•  Queensborough Community College Faculty Member Receives Fulbright Award (07/06/2015)
•  (07/29/2016)

•  Queensborough Student to Join International Young Leaders Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters (08/14/2015)
•  Installation Exhibit Commemorates Late Poet and Activist Ricardo León Peña (08/06/2015)

•  Inspired portraits of culture and beauty as seen through the lens of renowned photographer Charles D. Miller III, in the exhibit, A Liberian Sojourn, at the QCC Art Gallery beginning October 8 (09/30/2015)
•  Exhibits of Faraway Cultures, Ancient Secrets and Emblazoned Symbols of Modern Life Open the Fall Season at the QCC Art Gallery on October 8, 2015 (09/28/2015)
•  Dr. M. Chantale Damas, Physics, leads effort to secure $750,000 NASA STEM Grant for Queensborough to Explore New Frontiers in STEM Education (09/11/2015)
•  Doors of Memory/Porte della Memoria (09/10/2015)
•  Academy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award-Winning Artists Kick-Off the 2015-16 Season Of QPAC’s 50th Anniversary (09/01/2015)

•  From Bop to Pop: The Doo Wop Project Will Return to QPAC for an Encore Performance on November 15 (10/27/2015)

•  President's Message: CUNY Board of Trustees approves $3.4 billion request (12/10/2015)

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