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The posted materials are for NYC Fire Department Certification. A wealth of reading material should be consulted first. These materials are described "Documents," "On-line textbook" and "Additional Reading Materials." When you have gained sufficient flexibility with this material, you may email me for the quizzes. Return the quizzes, by email, at your convenience. Only valid Queensborough email addresses will be responded to. When you have achieved a reasonable score on these quizzes, we will arrange for you to take the Certification Exam.

These reports are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view.


Hazardous Waste Awareness: Self Study Guide (PDF)

Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories - Volume 1 (PDF)

Hazardous Communication Plan (PDF)

Respiratory Protection Plan (PDF)

Bloodborne Pathogens Plan (PDF)

Online text book: Prudent Practices in the Laboratory

Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)

Hazardous Waste Plan (PDF)

Hazardous Communication Do It Yourself training (PDF)

Fire Department Certificate of Fitness Materials:
C14 Overview and memo (PDF)
FDNY CoF Application (PDF)
C14 Study Material (PDF)
Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)
C14 Requirements and Notice of Exam (PDF)
Affidavit A (PDF)
NFPA 45 (2004) Study Materials (PDF)

Additional Reading Materials

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