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Chemistry Department

The Honors Scholars Program at the Chemistry Department has been widely acclaimed by students. These classes are usually small in size and provide an excellent opportunity for a one to one contact between the student and the instructor. Registration in any of these courses requires a minimum GPA of 3.40 or a reference letter from an instructor. Currently, the Chemistry Department offers four honors courses, CH-120/121, CH-127, CH-151 and CH-152. In addition students who conduct research and make presentations can register for CH-900/901 (if the mentor is not a Queensborough faculty) or CH-902/905 (if the mentor is a Queensborough faculty).

Honors courses are more intensive and most of the registered students eventually conduct supervised research under the department’s professors. Every year such honors students make oral presentations at the American Chemical Society (ACS)- New York section Undergraduate Research Symposium. More poster presentations by our students have been made at the National ACS Meetings, the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting as well as other national and international conferences. These students continue their successful career after graduation and transfer to baccalaureate programs.

Students have the opportunity to

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