Honors Program - Chemistry Department

Honors Program

Chemistry Department

The Honors Program at Queensborough Community College is an academic program that provides an enriched classroom and an overall intellectual experience to students who have demonstrated high academic achievement. Through various activities Honors scholars have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in areas of particular interest, to distinguish themselves among their peers and to make acknowledged contributions to the intellectual and cultural life of Queensborough Community College. Such activities include enrollment in specialized Honors sections, uniquely established independent studies and research experiences under a professor’s mentorship that lead to professional conference presentations and potential peer reviewed publications. Through this program Honors students develop the desired academic and leadership qualities and skills that strengthen their resume and allow them to apply for scholarships and admission to competitive programs upon transfer. Several students with a strong research background they acquired through this program have been successfully awarded summer paid internships at impressive institutions such as CUNY four-year institutions, as well as Princeton University, Georgetown University, Cornell University, University of South Dakota, Rutgers University, Binghamton University, Iowa State University, Hope College, Stony Brook University and others. Many others have been awarded national recognition and competitive scholarships including the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, the National American Chemical Society Scholars Award and the Finch Scholarship.

Students who are interested in joining the Honors Program or taking Honors classes may be allowed if

  • they have completed a minimum of 9 college credits with a GPA of 3.40 or more
  • they have been recommended by an individual faculty member or a chair, even if their GPA is below 3.40, as long as they have demonstrated a significant strength in the discipline to which honors enrollment is requested
  • they already have completed an advanced degree seeking a second career with a background that warrants their joining the program and meets the approval of the Honors Director
  • they are incoming students with a strong high school background (e.g., high SAT scores) that justifies their inclusion in the program.

All completed Honors courses are designated as such in the college transcript. To graduate with an Honors certificate a student must have completed a minimum of 12 credits of Honors classes and a minimum of 3.40 GPA.  A student may earn honors credits

  • either by registering to specific Honors sections designated as such
  • or by completing the requirements of a contract in a non-Honors section of a course. The contract must be agreed and signed upon by the student, the faculty member and the chair of the department. The contract must be approved by the Honors Committee of the College. The faculty, who is under no obligation to agree on a contract, must inform the Honors Director about the completion of the contract by the due time.

All Honors contract students are encouraged to complete one Library literacy workshop.  An annual Honors Conference is held at the end of the Spring semester where students present their work in front to the college community.


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