Dr. Irina Rutenburg


B. A. (cum laude) Chemistry, Queens College

M.Phil. in Physical Chemistry, CUNY Graduate School

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, CUNY Graduate School

Doctoral research, under the mentorship of Dr. G.W. Koeppl (Queens College Professor and Executive Officer in Chemistry at CUNY Graduate School), was computer simulations and computations in the area of gas phase kinetics – applicable to atmospheric research

Post doctoral research was in collaboration with Dr. H. D. Gafney at Queens College, in the area of inorganic chemistry with the use of lasers and spectroscopy

Courses Taught:

CH 101 Living in a Chemical World (lecture), CH 102 Living in a Chemical World Laboratory

CH 110 Chemistry and the Environment (lecture), CH111 Environment Laboratory

CH 120 Fundamentals of Chemistry (lecture), CH 121 Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory

CH 127 Introductory College Chemistry (lecture and laboratory)

CH 151 General Chemistry I (lecture and laboratory)

CH 152 General Chemistry II (lecture and laboratory)


Excited - State Acid-Base Chemistry of Coordination Compounds, Charles Hicks, Guozhong Ye, Chaim Levi, Marlyn Gonzales, Irina Rutenburg, Jainwei Fan, Roy Helmy, Abe Kassis, Harry D. Gafney, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2001, 211, 207-222.

Classical variational rate theory portraits of the dynamical stereochemistry of the F + H 2 → FH + H reaction, Irina Rutenburg and Gerald W. Koeppl, Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 1999, 77, 695-708

Application of a general classical variational theory to the F + H 2 → FH + H reaction, Irina Rutenburg and Gerald W. Koeppl, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 1999, 110, 3842-3855

Excited state acid-base chemistry - A New Quenching Mechanism, Charles Hicks, Jianwei Fan, Irina Rutenburg, Harry D. Gafney, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 1998, 171, 71-84

Excited-State Coordination Chemistry: A New Quenching Mechanism, Thomas Dougherty, Charles Hicks, Anthony Maletta, Jianwei Fan, Irina Rutenburg, Harry D. Gafney, The Journal of The American Chemical Society, 1998, 120, 4226-4227


H.D. Gafney, J. Fan, R. Helmey, C. Hicks, C. Levi, I. Rutenburg, G.Ye:

  • Excited-State Acid-Base Chemistry: Turning A Coordination Reaction On and Off Long Island American Chemical Society Meeting, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, March, 2000.
  • Excited-State Coordination Chemistry of Ru(II)Diimines: A Different Quenching Mechanism International Symposium on the Photophysics and Photochemistry of Coordination Compounds, Lipari , Italy , June - July, 1999.
  • Excited-State Acid-Base Chemistry: A New Quenching Mechanism American Chemical Society National Meeting, Anaheim, CA, March, 1999.
  • Excited-State Coordination Chemistry: Dissociative Processes Gordon Research Conferences - Inorganic Chemistry, Salva Regina University, New Port, Rhode Island, July, 1998.
  • Excited-State Acid-Base Chemistry - A New Quenching Mechanism, International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Santiago, Chili, August, 1997.
  • Excited-State Acid-Base Chemistry - A New Quenching Mechanism, International Conference on Photochemistry and Photophysics of Coordination Compounds, St. Michael's College, Burlington, Vermont, June-July, 1997.
  • Excited-State Coordination Chemistry - A New Quenching Mechanism, Gordon Research Conferences -Inorganic Chemistry, New England College, Henniker, NH, July, 1996.


Laboratory Manuals:

CH 102 QCC press (co-author with Grace Snider)

CH 127 Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company (co-author with Paris Svoronos)


Grant #9-91924
10/1/97 - 8/31/2000


Grant #6130-00-30
7/1/99 - 6/30/2001

Grant #6-67598
3/1/97 - 6/30/98

All grants have been used for collaborative research of Irina Rutenburg, QCC and Harry D. Gafney, Queens College i.e, in part to support post-doctoral fellows.

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