Dr. Dennis Capitanio


  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (1973)
  • BS Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (1969)

Professional Societies:

  • American Chemical Society (1969-Present)

Scientific Publications and Presentations:

  1. Capitanio, Dennis, Mizuno, Yoshiki, and Lee, Joseph, “Metal Ion Removal in Photoresist Solvents”, Proceedings of SPIE Conference-Microlithography 99, Santa Clara, March 15, 1999.

  2. Capitanio, Dennis, “Advantages to Point of Use Filtration of Photoresists in Reducing Contamination on the Wafer Surface”, ASMC98 Proceedings, pp. 247-251, September 23-25, 1998.

  3. Capitanio, Dennis, Burke, Peter, Raeder, Christopher and Witt, Kevin, “Defect Reduction During Chemical Mechanical Planarization by Incorporation of Slurry Filtration”, Workshop in Contamination in Liquid Chemical Distribution Systems, SEMICON West, pp. H1-H11, July 12, 1998. (Published in A 2C 2, June 1999)

  4. Capitanio, Dennis, “Filtration of Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurries Used in the Semiconductor Industry”, CMP Users Group, Chemical Mechanical Polishing ’97 Proceedings, pp. 284-291, November 1997.

  5. Molinaro, James and Capitanio, Dennis, “Evaluating the Performance of Dual PTFE Filter Assemblies in Hot-Acid Baths”, MICRO pp. 39-43, January 1997.

  6. Korman, Robert and Capitanio, Dennis, “Distribution Systems for CMP: The New Challenge”, Journal of Electronic Materials, Vol. 25 (10), pp. 1608-1611, October 1996.

  7. Korman, Robert, Capitanio, Dennis and Puccio, Anthony, “Upgrading a Bulk Chemical Distribution System to Meet Changing Demands”, MICRO pp. 37-41, April 1996.

  8. Capitanio, Dennis, Connor, Patrick and O’Sullivan, Joseph, “Particulate Contamination Control in High Purity Water for the Semiconductor Industry”, Ultrapure Water, pp. 36-40, November 1993.

  9. Capitanio, Dennis and Gotlinsky, Barry, “Methodology for Evaluating Particulate Control in Aggressive Chemicals for the Semiconductor Industry”, Proceedings of the 39 th Annual Technical Meeting, Institute of Environmental Sciences, pp. 218-224, 1993.

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  11. Naqvi, K. Razi, Capitanio, Dennis, and van Willigen, Hans, “On the Mechanism of Eximer Formation in Triplet-Triplet Annihilation”, Chemical Physical Letters, Vol. 57(2), pp. 197-201, 15 July 1978.

  12. Capitanio, Dennis and van Willigen, Hans, “Magnetic Field dependence of Monomer and Eximer Delayed Fluorescence of Aromatics in Fluid Solutions”, Chemical Physics Letters, Vol. 40(1), pp. 160-162, 15 May 1976.

  13. Capitanio, DA, Pownall, HJ, and Huber, JR, “Spectroscopic and Photochemical Properties of Aromatic Thioketones: Xanthione”, Journal of Photochemistry, 3, pp. 225-236, (1974)

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