Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tuition and Fee Payments

What is a “Bursar”?

Bursar is a Latin term meaning "official in charge of funds" or "keeper of the purse."

The QCC Bursar’s Office provides a variety of services to the College including:

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When is my payment due?

Payment due dates are indicated on the bill you received. For your convenience, click here for the semester’s most recent payment due date schedule.

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As a student, how do I pay online?

Online payments are made through CUNYfirst. First time CUNYfirst users will need to claim your account in order to access financial information.

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Will there be any changes to the current payment procedures?

Yes. Effective March 13, 2016, all Credit and Debit Card transactions will be processed via the University’s Payment Plan. The Payment Plan provides students and their families the option of paying their tuition and fees over a period of up to six months. This flexibility enables everyone to reduce the burden of paying all tuition and fees prior to the start of the academic term. This deferred payment plan continues to be an interest free benefit for students and their families.

Effective with the Summer 2016 semester, the Enrollment Fee for the payment plan will be $95 per term. For students and their families who opt for direct withdrawals from their bank accounts, a discount will be provided which will lower the Enrollment Fee to $40 per term.

The eCheck payment option through CUNYfirst Self-Service remains an alternative payment option that is cost effective since it does not require an Enrollment Fee.

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How can I pay by credit card?

Credit and Debit card payments can only be made through the University’s Payment Plan.

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Will I be charged a convenience fee when I pay by credit card?

No. There is no extra charge outside the $95 enrollment fee.

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Can someone else pay my tuition for me?

Yes. Someone else can pay online for you. However, they must be able to access your CUNYfirst account.

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Will I get a receipt in the mail?

No. You will not receive a receipt in the mail. You will receive an email confirmation after the payment is submitted.

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I have registered for classes but have not received a bill. Can I make an online payment?

Yes. A student can make an online payment at any point after they register, up until their bill due date.

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What are my other payment options?

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Will I be charged tuition & fees if I don’t attend classes?

Yes. Students who are not planning on attending classes need to withdraw through CUNYfirst before the first date of the term for a full cancellation of tuition and fees. For more information, click here for refund schedules.

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How do I sign up for a Nelnet plan?

To enroll, log into CUNYfirst Self Service and go to your student center. Got to "Finances" and select "Enroll / Manage your Payment Plan".

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How do I enroll in direct deposit for my refunds?

To sign up for Direct Deposit of your refunds, click here.

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