Strategic Plans, Completion Reports, and Departmental Reports

The college has three principal kinds of planning and reporting documents: the college’s strategic plan, the college’s strategic planning completion report, and the teaching and non-teaching department year-end reports. The college’s strategic plan is developed with the input of all the divisions of the college, and the process for its development is led by the College Advisory Planning Committee (CAPC). The plan is submitted to the university in June. The college’s strategic planning completion report documents the outcomes for all strategic objectives for the year and is submitted to the university in June. The teaching and non-teaching department reports cover all academic departments and administrative offices and include unit-level information on assessment, planning, and goals.

College Advisory Planning Committee (CAPC)

The College Advisory Planning Committee (CAPC) is an advisory group that meets monthly during the academic year to discuss the development of the college’s strategic plan and other major issues pertaining to the college. The group consists of the president and vice presidents, faculty leaders in the Faculty Executive Committee and Senate Steering Committee, administrative representatives, and student leaders.

Fall 2016 Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016
  • Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Spring 2016 Meeting Dates

Fall 2015 Meeting Dates

Spring 2015 Meeting Dates

Fall 2014 Meeting Dates

Strategic Plan

Completion Report