Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP)

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What is ASAP?


Queensborough’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) assists students in earning associate degrees within three years by providing a range of financial, academic, and personal supports including comprehensive and personalized advisement, career counseling, tutoring, tuition waivers, MTA MetroCards, and additional financial assistance to defray the cost of textbooks.

ASAP also offers special class scheduling options to ensure that ASAP students get the classes they need and are in classes with other ASAP students. As students approach graduation they receive special supports to help them transfer to 4-year colleges or transition into the workforce, depending on their goals.

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There’s no debate. ASAP works!

In January 2015, President Obama recognized the value of CUNY’s ASAP program as critical component of student achievement for both raising graduation rates and successfully transferring students to four-year degree programs. A Whitehouse press release » cited ASAP’s services which include “waiv[ing] tuition, help[ing] students pay for books and transit costs, and provid[ing] academic advising and supportive scheduling programs.”

The New York Times » reinforced President Obama’s message by citing positive student graduation statistics for those enrolled in ASAP program.

CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken tells HuffPost Live » how effective CUNY ASAP has been and why it deserves the national attention it has received.

If you are a Queensborough student looking to ensure greater success for your educational goals, ASAP is here to help you. The results are proven. Stop in, contact us and let’s work together to make your goals a reality!