Visual And Performing Arts Academy

Queensborough Academy
The VAPA Academy provides the highest quality artistic and technical education combined with scholarly research across disciplines.

Gallery and Museum Studies - Associate in Science degree (AS)

Advisor Notes

Common Core Credits
REQUIRED CORE: I. A: English Composition I, II 6
REQUIRED CORE: I. B: Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning 3
REQUIRED CORE: I. C: Life & Physical Sciences Recommended: CH-106 (STEM Variant) 3-4
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. A: World Cultures & Global Issues Recommended: Foreign Language or History 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. B: U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. C: Creative Expression Recommended: ARTH-115, ARTH-116. ARTH-117, ARTH-120, ARTH-126 or ARTH-128 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. D: Individual & Society Recommended: SOCY-125 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. E: Scientific World (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II: A, B, C, D or E Recommended: ARTH-115, ARTH-116. ARTH-117, ARTH-120, ARTH-126 or ARTH-128 3
*The credit range accounts for STEM variant in I.C.
ARTH-150 Art Administration 2
ARTH-251 Art Curating 3
ARTH-252 Art Institutions and the Business of Art 3
ARTH-101 History of Art I 3
ARTH-202 History of Art II 3
ARTH-380, ARTH-381 Gallery Internship I, II 4
BU-201 Business Organization and Management 3
Subtotal 21
Additional Major Requirements
HE-101 or 102 Health Education 1-2
SP-211 Speech Communication (if SP-211 is taken as part of the Common Core, additional Art History elective is recommended) 3
Foreign Language 3
CH-104 Chemistry and the Arts laboratory (students who have taken CH-106 have filled this requirement) 0-1
Subtotal 7-9
Free electives 0-1
All students must complete two (2) WI designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.

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