Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy

Queensborough Academy
The Liberal Arts Academy provides a myriad of opportunities to complete the first 60 credits of your baccalaureate degree.

Childhood Education 1-6 (A.A.)

Dual/Joint Degree Program with Queens

Common Core Credits
REQUIRED CORE: I. A: English Composition I, II Take EN 101 & 102
Note: grade of B required in EN 101
REQUIRED CORE: I. B: Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning Required: MA 119* 3
REQUIRED CORE: I. C: Life & Physical Sciences Required: PH 101* 4
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. A: World Cultures & Global Issues (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. B: U.S. Experience in Its Diversity Recommended: HI 127 or HI 128 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. C: Creative Expression (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. D: Individual & Society Recommended: SOCY 101 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. E: Scientific World Required GE 101 or BI 140* 4
FLEXIBLE CORE: II: A, B, C, D or E Select one of the following recommended courses: DAN 111, PLSC 101, ANTH 101, ECON 101, HIST 111, or TH 120 3
Subtotal 32
MA 303 and MA 336 Number Systems/Computer-assisted Statistics 6
Select one course from EN 217, 301, 302, 401, 402, 411, 412, 444, or 445 3
MU 261 Music for Teachers of Children 3
EDUC 101 Contemporary Education: Principles and Practices 4
HI 127 or HI 128 Growth of American Civilization I,II 3
Subtotal 19
Additional Major Requirements  
PE 400 or 500 or DAN 100 series 1
DAN 111 or TH 120 Introduction to the Art of Dance/Acting I 3
Subtotal 4
Free electives 5
Total 60
*Students are required to take particular courses in some areas of the Common Core that fulfill both general education and major requirements. If students do not take the required courses in the Common Core, they will have to take additional credits to complete their degree requirements.
Note:  A grade of B is required in one course in each of the NYS Core Areas (English, Social Science, Math, and Physical Science); no grade lower than a C is acceptable in the program and is not transferable.
All students must complete two (2) WI designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.