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& Mathematics (STEM) Academy

Queensborough Academy
The certificate program in New Media Technology provides students with a broad understanding of Internet-based technologies for the design, development, maintenance, and support of such digital media as hyperlinked texts, static and moving imagery, audio, video, and multiple interfaces of these media. For those seeking immediate employment in a burgeoning field or for professionals currently in the field who wish to enhance job skills, the certificate program offers training and education for students with varied interests, backgrounds, and preparation. Using an integrated, interdisciplinary approach, the program combines instruction in technology, art, and writing, providing valuable skills in communication, programming, database and e-commerce, artistic layout and design, and animation.

New Media Technology - Certificate Program

General Education Core Requirements Credits
ENGL-103* Writing for the New Media 3
Sub-total 3
Requirements for the Major
ET-5041 Operating Systems and System Deployment 2
ET-704 Network Fundamentals I 4
ET-7101 Web Technology I: Building and Maintaining Web Sites 4
ET-712 Web Client Programming: JavaScript 3
ARTS-121 Two Dimensional Design 3
ARTS-291 Electronic Imaging 2
Sub-total 18
Select 9 credits from the following:
ET-375 Introduction to Robotics 4
ET-481 Personal Computer Technology, Architecture,
and Troubleshooting
ET-714 Web Technologies II: Building
Database Driven Web Sites
ET-716 Java Programming Technology 4
ET-718 Database Technology 3
ET-720 Advanced Web and Multimedia Programming
ET-728 Web Technology: XML 3
ARTS-1921 Web Animation 3
Sub-total 9
Total Credits Required 30
* Students may substitute EN-101 for EN-103; students can receive credit for only one of these courses.
1 Sections of this course denoted as “WI” may be taken to partially satisfy the Writing Intensive Requirement.