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Health Care Office Administration: Managing, Coding, and Billing­ Certificate Program

The certificate program in Health Care OfficeAdministration: Managing, Coding, and Billing will offer both employees in the field and newly graduated high school students educational opportunity in health care office administration. The curriculum will develop students' communication, interpersonal and business management skills; provide a broad understanding of the ways in which society deals with health and disease, develop familiarity with human physiology/anatomy, provide instruction in medical office proce­dures and technology, coding and billing, and an optional business internship experience.

General Education Core Requirements Credits
English Composition I or
Writing for the New Media
Requirements for the Major
BI-520 Public Health Science 4
BU-850 Fundamentals of Microsoft Windows 1
BU-903 Medical Office Procedures 3
BU-907 Word Processing 3
BU-916 Medical Coding and Billing I 3
BU-917 Healthcare Information Management 3
BU- Business Electives 3
Two courses selected from the following
(dependent on typing ability):

Typewriting/Keyboarding I*
Typewriting/Keyboarding II
Transcription and Dictation of Business Documents
Choose three credits:
Health Education (HE-101 or 102) or
CPR (HE-110)

Organization & Delivery of Health Care
Medical Terminology
Medical Ethics
Health Education
Total Credits Required 30

*Students who have had previous training in typewriting/keyboarding may take BU-802 (Typewriting/Keyboarding II) and BU-803 (Advanced Typewriting/Keyboarding). Students should seek advisement from the Department of Business.