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Computer Information Systems Certificate Program

Computer Information Systems Certificate Program

This certificate program is designed for the working student who has achieved a career-oriented position in a computer programming or related business area and desires to improve his/her skills. Students take a basic core of 18 credits and then choose a 12-credit option in Computer Programming or Microcomputer Applications Software.

Graduates of this program  a;e qualified to work as programmers, junior  systems  analysts, and junior management trainees dependent upon prior work experience. Students who have little or no training in data processing or computer programming may upgrade their career potential by becoming programmer trainees, operators of computer equipment, input/output control and record maintenance clerks. A broad range of industrial and governmental employment opportunities in computer information systems is currently available, and  these  opportunities are expected to grow in the future. They cover diversified areas, including the  business, scientific, social science, educational, and medical fields.

This program is offered in day and evening sessions. All courses carry college credit and may be applied toward an Associate or Bachelor's degree.

Students are advised to check course descriptions for prerequisites and corequisites.

Students with  Data Processing/Computer Programming Experience may earn credit  for specific required courses through  written  examinations. Course credit granted for work/study experience is limited to six credits.

General Education Core Requirements Credits
EN-101 English Composition I 3
--- Liberal Arts and Sciences electives 6
Sub-total 9
Requirements for the Major
CIS-101 (formerly BU-500) Introduction to Microcomputer Applications 3
CIS-152 (formerly BU-520) Introduction to Computer Programming for Business 3
CIS-251 (formerly BU-509) Analysis and Design of Systems Projects 3
Sub-total 9
Options (Choose A or B) 
A. Computer Programming Option
CIS-102 (formerly BU-502) COBOL Programming 3
CIS-202 (formerly BU-522) Business Programming with Visual Languages 3
CIS-153 (formerly BU-532) Microcomputer Operating Systems and Utility Software 3
Computer Programming Option Sub-total 12
Option B is Microcomputer Applications Software
CIS-208 (formerly BU-508) Database Management Systems 3
CIS-206 (formerly BU-530) Spreadsheet Applications 3
CIS-153 (formerly BU-532) Microcomputer Operating Systems and Utility Software 3
BU-859 Desktop Publishing (Software) 3
Microcomputer Applications Software Option Sub-total 12
Total Credits Required 30