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Massage Therapy - Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS)

Course no. Course title Common core category Credits
Common core requirements
ENGL 101 English Composition I I.A 3
ENGL 102 English Composition II I.A 3
MA 321 Mathematics in Contemporary Society I.B 3
BI 301 Anatomy and Physiology I I.C 4
PSYC 101 Psychology II.E 3
BI 302 Anatomy and Physiology II II.E 4
Social Science or History II.A/II.B/II.D 3
Subtotal 23
Major requirements
HA 100 Foundations of Therapeutic Massage 3
BI 330 Myology 3
BI 331 Kinesiology 3
BI 325 Neurophysiology 3
HA 101 Eastern Massage Therapy I 2
HA 103 Eastern Massage Therapy II 2
HA 102 Western Massage Therapy I 2
HA 104 Western Massage Therapy II 2
HA 202 Western Massage Therapy III 2
HA 203 Massage Practicum I 2
HA 204 Massage Practicum II 3
HA 220 Pathology for Massage Therapy I 3
HA 221 Pathology for Massage Therapy II 3
HA 205 Professional Issues in Massage Therapy 2
Subtotal 35
Massage Elective: HA 206, HA 207, HA 208 or HA 209 2
Subtotal 2
Total credits required 60
As of fall 2006, students must achieve a grade of C or better in Biology and Healing Arts courses to progress to the next level course in the program and graduate with an AAS in massage therapy. Students must maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 to remain in the program. Students may repeat any HA or BI course only once, on a space available basis. All students must complete two (2) WI designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.