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Management-Marketing - Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS)

Course no. Course title Common core category Credits
Common core requirements
EN-101 English Composition I I.A 3
EN-102 English Composition II I.A 3
MA-321 Mathematics in Contemporary Society I.B 3
Laboratory science I.C 3-4
SP-211 Speech Communication II.B 3
ECON-101 or ECON-102 Introduction to Macroeconomics
Introduction to Microeconomics
II.D 3
Social Science or History elective II.A/II.B/II.D 3
Subtotal 21-22
Major requirements
BU-101 Principles of Accounting I 4
BU-201 Business Organization and Management 3
BU-203 Principles of Statistics 3
BU-301 Business Law I 3
BU-401 Elements of Marketing 3
CIS 101 (formerly BU-500) Introduction to Microcomputer Applications 3
BU-701 Principles of Finance 3
Subtotal 22
Additional major requirements
One science lab. course (STEM variant in common core satisfies this requirement): choose from BI-132, BI-171; CH-102, CH-111, CH-121; ET-842; or PH-112. 0-1
Health Education (HE-101 or 102) or one course in Physical Education from the PE-400 or 500 series or from the DAN-100 series 1-2
Subtotal 1-3
Concentration requirements
BU-402 Marketing Research 3
BU-403 Elements of Salesmanship 3
BU-404 Elements of Advertising 3
BU-405 Elements of Retailing 3
Subtotal 12
Business electives 2-3
Subtotal 2-3
Total credits required 60
All students must complete two (2) Writing Intensive designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.