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Internet Technology - Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS)

Course no. Course title Common core category Credits
Common core requirements
EN-103 Writing for the New Media I.A 3
EN-102 English Composition II I.A 3
MA-301 Foundations of Mathematics I.B 3
Laboratory science (STEM) I.C 4
Social Sciences and History course II.A/II.B/II.D 6
Humanities elective II.A/II.B/II.C/II.D 3
Subtotal 22
Major requirements
ET-504 Operating Systems and System Deployment 2
ET-704 Networking Fundamentals I 4
ET-710 Web Technology I 4
ET-712 Web Client Programming 3
ET-718 Database Technology 3
AR-121 Two-dimensional Design 3
AR-473 Electronic Imaging 2
Subtotal 21
Select 17 credits from the following:
ET-375 Introduction to Robotics
ET-481 Personal Computer Technology, Architecture, and Troubleshooting
ET-505 Introduction to C++ Object Oriented Programming
ET-506 Introduction to UNIX (LINUX)
ET-507 Advanced C++ Object Oriented Programming
ET-510 Introduction to Digital Electronics
ET-570 Creating Smartphone Apps
ET-575 Introduction to C++ Programming Design and Implementation
ET-705 Networking Fundamentals II
ET-706 Network Configuration I
ET-707 Network Configuration II
ET-714 Web Technologies II
ET-716 Java Programming Technology
ET-720 Advanced Web and Multimedia Programming Applications
ET-725 Computer Network Security
ET-728 Web Tech: XML
ET-841 The Science of Energy and Power in the Modern World
ET-991 Cooperative Education
ET-992 Cooperative Education
AR-642 Web Animation
Subtotal 17
Total credits required 60
*The following Internet Technology electives are highly recommended: AR-642; ET-505, ET-510, ET-570, ET-575, ET-716, ET-720, ET- 991,ET- 992.
All students must complete two (2) WI designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.