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Queensborough Academy
The Business Academy provides the highest quality business expertise to the people and industries of New York State and the broader United States.

Accounting (A.A.S.) - Department of Business

Common core requirements
Course no. Course title Common core category Credits
EN-101 English Composition I I.A 3
EN-102 English Composition II I.A 3
Pre-calculus and Elements of Calculus for Business Students or
Calculus for Technical for Business Students*
I.B 4
Laboratory Science I.C 3-4
Social Sciences or History elective or Speech Communication (SP-211) II.A/II.B/II.D 3
ECON-101 or
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Introduction to Microeconomics
II.D 3
Subtotal 19-20
Major requirements
BU-101 Principles of Accounting I 4
BU-102 Principles of Accounting II 4
BU-103 Intermediate Accounting I 4
BU-104 Intermediate Accounting II 3
BU-110 Cost Accounting 4
BU-108 Income Taxation 3
BU-111 Computer Applications in Accounting 3
BU-201 Business Organization and Management 3
BU-203 Principles of Statistics 3
BU-301** Business Law I** 3
CIS-101 (formerly BU-500)** Introduction to Microcomputer Applications** 3
BU-701** Principles of Finance** 3
Subtotal 40
Additional major requirements
One science lab. course (STEM variant in common core satisfies this requirement): choose from BI-132, BI-171; CH-102, CH-111, CH-121; ET-842; or PH-112. 0-1
Subtotal 0-1
Total credits required 60
*For students planning to transfer to an accounting program at a four-year institution, it is strongly recommended that they complete a calculus course prior to transfer. Students may substitute MA-441 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I). Students should check with the institution to which they plan to transfer regarding the course that will satisfy this requirement.

**Sections of this course denoted as “WI” may be taken to satisfy the writing-intensive requirement; two (2) writing-intensive classes are required for the associate degree.