Research Foundation Hiring Procedures - New Hires

Research Foundation employee’s new hire package must be completed and sent to the Office of Grants/Sponsored Programs, Room H-336 at least one week before the proposed start date.

In order to expedite the processing of your new hire employee’s paperwork and payroll, have the following forms completed and signed:
To help make sure you do not lose track of what you need, you can print out a checklist.

Some of the RF's requirements have recently changed, please read the following carefully to avoid any delays.

I: The i9-form is now initiated online, but new hires must still meet in person with a hiring official in the QCC Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs to present their form(s) of identification. Hiring managers, please contact the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs at 718.631.6357 and provide us with each new employee’s name and email address to begin the process. New hires will receive an EMAIL invitation to complete section 1 of the i9 form online. Upon completion of section 1 of the online i9, the new hire must call the Office of Grants and Sponsored programs at 718.631.6357 to make an appointment to physically come into the office and complete Section 2 of the i9. (They may also drop off the remainder of their completed RF hire paperwork at this appointment.). List of acceptable documents for i9 verification is available for download. All documents must be unexpired and originals. Photocopies are not acceptable. Hiring managers should note that the i9 form process must be completed no later than 3 business days from the new hire’s start date.


II: The following forms should be completed by the employee with the PI/PD. Please make sure all documents are appropriately signed and dated.

  1. Personnel Action Form (PAF) - Revised 6/14/16
  2. Job Duties and Qualifications - Revised 6/3/15
  3. Personnel Data Form - Revised: 7/2/14
  4. Emergency Contact Form
  5. Application for Employment - Revised: 7/2/14
  6. Voluntary EEO Self Identification - Revised 6/3/15
  7. Consent to Request Consumer Report & Investigative Consumer Report Information or Combined Disclosure Notice and Authorization Regarding Background Consumer Reports & Summary of Rights Under FCRA – Parental Consent for Minors Only or For OUT OF (NY) STATE residents; State specific rights
  8. 2017 Federal W-4 Tax Form
  9. 2017 IT-2104 Withholding Allowance NYS or 2017 IT-2104 E Exemption from Withholding NYS
  10. Notification of Annual Leave Policy Form
  11. Annual Leave Scheduling Form Effective immedicately, the project director shall meet with the employee within 30 days of the employee's appointment or re-appointment start date to schedule the employee's annual leave during the appointment or re-appointment period. The use and scheduling of all annual leave must be approved in advanced in writing by the employee's project director.
  12. QCC HR Approval Letter - Should only be completed if a prospective RF employee is currently a Full-Time/Part-Time CUNY Faculty/Staff. Note that an additional Multiple Position Form will be required for Full-Time CUNY Faculty.
  13. Employee Wage Title Designator - This form must be generated on the Research Foundation website by the Principal Investigator on or before the start date of the employee. Both the PI and Employee will need to sign.

III: The completed package should be brought to the OGSP

IV: The package will be sent out for processing to the RF. This part can take up to a week depending on the RF's workload. The Grants office, the PI/PD and the employee will be notified when the employee has been entered. Unless it has been longer than 2 weeks, there is no need to follow up.

V: Once the employee has been created in the RF system, the PI/PD can create an epaf appointment.

VI: When the employee receives their welcome email, they can log in to set up their direct deposit if they wish and they can take the MANDATORY Unlawful Harassment Prevention training. A copy of their completion certificate should be sent to our office to have on file.

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