War and Sexual Violence Conference

Conference Program

Thursday, April 28, 2016

9:30 Welcome Note

9:45-11:15 Panel 1 Sexual Violence as Strategy

Moderator: Elissa Bemporad (Queens College, CUNY)

The Genocidal Policies of Rape, Shame, and Disgust (Debra Bergoffen, George Mason University)

Mass Rapes as a Military Strategy and Instrument of Ethnic Cleansing (Albert Doja, University of Lille, France)

Policing Sex and Sexual Violence in the Ottoman Empire during WWI (Stefan Hock, Georgetown University)

11:30-12:30 Panel 2: Minorities and Sexual Violence in War

Moderator: Kenneth Pearl (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)

The Rape during Pogroms in Ukraine in 1919 (Irena Astashkevich, Brandeis University)

Ritualized Rapes and Body Destruction of the Armenian Women during the Genocide (Anna Aleksanyan, Clark University)

1:45-2:45 Panel 3 Sexual Violence and Male Victims in War

Moderator: Ron Van Cleef (Stony Brook, SUNY)

Engendering the Understanding of War Sexual Violence – Men Victims of Sexual Violence and Hyper Masculinities (Isabella Flisi, Ulster University, UK)

An Analysis of the ICC's Current Gender Neutral Definition and the Possible Implications on Male Survivors of Sexual Violence (Rachel McGinnis, Rochester Institute of Technology)

3:15-4:15 Panel 4 Female Victims of Sexual Violence in War

Moderator: Frank Jacob (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)

Violence Against Women in War Economies (Meredeth Turshen, Rutgers University)

Teaching Comfort Women Issues: The Hidden Stories of Girls (Margaret Stetz, University of Delaware)

4:30-5:30 Panel 5: Sexual Violence and its Aftermath

Moderator: Aithne Bialo-Padin (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)

Sexual Violence and Women’s Art after the Holocaust (Mor Presiado, Bar Ilan University, Israel)

Sexual Violence, Recollection and Post-Conflict Recovery in Africa (Bukola Adeyemi Oyeniyi, Missouri State University)

Friday, April 29, 2016

9:30-11:00 Panel 6: Male Perpetrators of Sexual Violence in War

Moderator: Bobby Wintermute (Queens College, CUNY)

Male and Military Pseudo-Solutions for the Dilemma of Sexuality (Sebastian Winter, University of Bielefeld, Germany)

Conflicted Masculinity: Examining Sexual Violence in World War II (Tamaki Noro, Tokyo, Japan)

Sexual Violence by British Soldiers in WWII in Europe and Asia (Regina Mühlhauser, Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Culture, Hamburg, Germany)

11:15-12:15 Panel 7: Sexual Violence and the Enemy

Moderator: Edmund Clingan (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)

The Complexity of Victimhood – Understanding Mass Rape in Occupied Germany (Rhiannon Parkinson, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Jurisdiction and Justice in Okinawa (Nicole Reiz, University of Kansas)

1:30-2:30 Panel 8: Reception of Sexual Violence in War

Moderator: Clarence Jefferson Hall (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)

The Negation of Suffering: Forced Sex Labor in Remembrance and Research (Verena Schneider, Berlin, Germany)

Catholic Priests Reporting on Sexual Violence in Occupied Germany (Johannes Kuber, RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

3:00-4:30 Panel 9: Global Perspectives

Moderator: Gilmar Visoni-Alonzo (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)

Forensic (In)Justice: Impunity of Sexual Violence and Feminicide in “Peacetime” Guatemala (Maria Elena Vargas, University of Maryland)

Identity, Intersectionality, and Sexual Violence in Conflict in Kashmir (Samreen Mushtaq, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India)

Gerwani, Sexual Violence and the Memory of Atrocities in Indonesia (Atikah Nuraini, Jakarta, Indonesia)

4:45-5:45 Panel 10: US-Perspectives

Moderator: Peter Bales (Queensborough Community College, CUNY)

Sexual Violence in the United States Marine Corps (Nathan Packard, Naval War College)

US Foreign Policy in the Wake of Mass Violence: Bosnia and Rwanda (Amanda Boczar, United States Military Academy, West Point)


Final Remarks

Moderator: Sarah K. Danielsson (CUNY, Queensborough

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