Commencement of Attendance Rosters - changes in due date and grade policy

The University has adopted an earlier Financial Aid disbursement policy for all schools that are using the Financial Aid module of CUNYfirst.  This revised policy will allow financial aid refunds to reach our students early in the semester to assist them with educational related expenses such as transportation, books and supplies, and meals. In order to provide verification of student enrollment information prior to the disbursement of  financial aid funds, the following schedule for collecting commencement of attendance (COA) rosters from faculty and processing WN grades for the Fall 2013 semester must be implemented.

Thus, by Wednesday, September 4, all faculty members will be receiving the official request to verify that students have commenced attendance; faculty must submit completed rosters by Tuesday, September 10.  This is several weeks earlier than in previous semesters.

Please see the University’s directive below:

FALL 2013

  1. Class COA rosters must be available to Faculty on September 4, 2013. Faculty are required to return/submit their completed rosters by September 10, 2013 indicating either that the student has attended or is otherwise active and participating in the course (e.g. by submitting assignments, attending a required study group, academic conference or tutorial) or that the student has never attended any of the classes since the beginning of the term.
  2. Where the College has established that the student did not begin attendance based on these rosters, the College must assign the administrative withdrawal of WN by close of business September 17, 2013 and inform the student. Outstanding roster reports should be sent to the Deans and Provost for their appropriate action. Additional WN grades are to be posted as rosters are received.

New Grading Policy

In order to support the new Financial Aid disbursement policy in CUNYfirst, changes have been made to CUNY’s grading policy for the Fall 2013 semester, as follows:

  • August 28-September 3 -1st week of classes- (Drops and adds allowed)
  • No grade recorded
  • September 4-September 17 -2nd -3rd weeks of classes – (Drops only)
  • ‘WD’ grade assigned for official drops
  • September 10 – Verification of Enrollment due from faculty; outstanding rosters will be referred to Provost for appropriate action
  • ‘WN’ grade assigned when no attendance is indicated by faculty
  • September 17 –Registrar completes all WD and WN assignments
  • WN’ grade assigned when no attendance is indicated by faculty

Both the ‘WD’ (Withdrawal Drop) and the ‘WN’ (Withdrawal no attendance) will be recorded on a student’s course history (in CUNYfirst) but will NOT appear on transcripts.

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