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What does the Tutoring Center Offer?

The CD Tutoring Center offers CD program students a variety of academic support services aimed at strengthening their basic skills, and furthering their academic success in most college level courses.

The Tutoring Center offers various services including but not limited to study skills workshops, one-to-one tutoring, group tutoring, test-taking skills workshops, group instruction, and peer study groups.

Tutoring is mandatory for all Queensborough College Discovery Freshman (at least one hour a week). You may request more than one hour of tutoring if you like, but one hour is mandatory.

Any student on academic probation will be notified about the amount of tutoring that is required for that particular semester!

All College Discovery students are encouraged to participate in Tutorial Services!

Location: Library Buidling, Room 118CD
Office Hours: Monday- Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Tutoring Staff are highly qualified personnel hired to provide quality services for the students. Please use this distinguished service that is only provided for the College Discovery Students!

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