The Office of Career Services: Questions Frequently Asked During an Interview

The process of writing your resume will enable you to examine yourself and give you a good idea of what you have to offer. You can relieve a lot of anxiety about the interview by anticipating questions that may be asked of you and thinking about how to answer them to your benefit.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why are you interested in working for this company?
  3. Tell me about your education.
  4. Why have you chosen this particular field?
  5. Describe your best/worst boss.
  6. Tell me about one of your weaknesses.
  7. Give an example of how you solved a problem in the past.
  8. What are your strengths?
  9. How do others describe you?
  10. What do you consider the most important idea you contributed or your most noteworthy accomplishment in your last job?
  11. Where do you see yourself in three years?
  12. Think about something you consider a failure in your life, and tell me why you think it happened.
  13. Give an example where you showed leadership and initiative.
  14. Why should I hire you?
  15. Do you have plans to continue your education?
  16. Do you have any questions for me?