Queensborough Community College is the premier location for your television  production. Situated less than 15 miles from Manhattan, we are the perfect location for  film, television and commercial shoots. Our versatile, showpiece campus is  perfectly suited for any production and can be customized to meet any  production need. This warm and inviting, campus includes on-site coordination  with experienced film professionals.

 Law & Order

Law & Order: CI filming at Queensborough

Built as a college and home to various film, television and commercial productions, Queensborough Community College offers maximum production value for any budget.

Queensborough Community College can accommodate any size film, television or commercial production, making it the ideal location:

Art Gallery Library Steps Library Library

Among some of our filming areas are:

  • Observatory
  • Theaters (several sizes)
  • Dining Room/ Cafeteria
  • Gym/ Pool//Lockeroom
  • Computer Center
  • Parking Lots (Security Booth)
  • Outdoor Track/ Soccer Field
  • Music Room/ Recital Halls
  • Medical Facility/ Clinic/Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Dance Studio
  • Lecture Halls
  • Conference Rooms
  • Greenhouse
  • Media Room
  • Computer Labs
  • Childcare Center/Playground
  • Bookstore
  • Library Stacks /Carrels
  • Galleries (several sizes)
  • Gift Shop
  • Offices
  • Research Labs
  • Pool Billiards Room
  • Administrative/ Operations Services
    (Mailroom/Printing Services Shop/Bursar-Bank Window/Auto Shop)