Study Abroad

Study Abroad


Friday, October 17, 2014 2-4PM, Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center: Salzburg - Holocaust Survivor Event

Study abroad programs offer students the opportunity for personal growth and global understanding. Students gain insights into other cultures, develop new perspectives, and learn to reflect on their own culture.

Working with universities worldwide, CUNY provides high quality, integrated winter and summer opportunities. Prospecitve applicants can consult a list of programs sorted by country, college, and program or can obtain general information about study abroad. To determine your eligiblity for these programs, please submit a completed inquiry form to our office and review our "Get Started List".

To help fund their study abroad experiences, CUNY offers to all CUNY students a travel stipend covering up to 80% of program expenses through a grant known as Scholarships for International Resume-Building Opportunities for CUNY Students (SIROCS). Students can review our Study Abroad Scholarship Guide in addition to researching additional scholarship opportunities.

Queensborough also offers 15 students a free one-week study abroad program that focuses on international issues in Salzburg, Austria. Please be sure to review the elgibility requirements before applying to the program. In order to apply to the program, you must first confirm your eligiblity by submitting a completed inquiry form. After program eligibility confirmation, you can complete and sumbit the application and reference forms to our office by November 5, 2014.

Those interested in learning more about the Salzburg Global Seminar program can attend the Kupferberg Holocaust Research Center's Holocaust Survivor event Friday, October 17, 2014 at 2PM in the Holocaust Resource Center. Please consult flyer for more information.

Additional Information

Students are accepted to Study Abroad programs based on their GPA, at the time of application. However, a 2.0 GPA must be maintained prior to departure in order to participate in an overseas program. Applicants who wish to determine their academic eligiblity for study abroad can download their unofficial transcript.

The deadline and prices for any of these programs vary from country to country. To apply, please visit the Center for International Affairs, Immigration & Study Abroad in L-431 as soon as possible.

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