About Accounts Payable

We are responsible for the College's billings to be paid with Tax-Levy funds in an accurate and timely manner. Additionally, our responsibility encompasses all reimbursements to Faculty & Staff relative to travel and miscellaneous expenses.

With pleasure, we serve the Queensborough community and its outside vendors. This Website has included guidelines and procedures relative to travel (local & Out-of-town) and all College's Tax-Levy expenditures as directed by the NYC Comptroller's office.

Key Performance IndicatorCore Activities
  1. Vendor satisfaction
  2. To pay claims in a timely manner
  3. To safeguard the University by ensuring strict adherence to Federal, State, and University regulations and policies
  4. To provide efficient, effective, and professional service to our students, faculty, staff, and external customers
  5. Computerized Payment systems
  1. Seeking, establishing, and maintaining Vendor relationships that foster the best quality service in the most efficient manner.
  2. Development of processes to facilitate the ease of the payment process.
  3. Understanding and responding to our customers' business needs and challenges.
  4. Maintaining professionalism courteousness when communicating with all individuals involved in the payment process.
  5. Retaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information we utilize in compliance with applicable law and accreditation requirements.
  6. Continuously supporting the five pillars that are the hallmark of our commitment. People, service, quality, finance and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Submitting Bills for Payment at QCC:

  1. Where can I find the Payment Requisition Form?

    You can download this form from the Printable Forms Section of this website.

  2. Where do I submit an invoice I have received for payment?

    All invoices should be submitted/mailed to the Accounting office front desk in room A-406.

  3. How do I prepare the invoice for accounting?

    Please note on the invoice being submitted, that the purchase order number is on the invoice and sign it ackowledging that the items were received or the service was performed.

  4. How long does the payment process take?

    It usually takes two weeks for a vendor to get paid through NYC after you ahve submitted your invoice to the accounting office.

  5. What should be noted about any requesition I am submitting for payment?

    It should be noted on the bill or payment requisition whether the bill is being paid by the College Tax Levy budget, Grants, Foundation or Related Entities (i.e., QSA, Auxiliary or Fund Inc).

  6. How many ways can I submit a payment?

    The most common way to pay a bill is via the Purchasing Department's E-Procurement process. For all miscellaneous expenses, with the Payment Requisition Form noted above. (This includes dues/membership, subscriptions and all non-travel expenses under $250.00.)


  • Direct Pay / Imprest (Petty Cash) Form (PDF) - For reimbursements of miscellaneous college's Tax-levy expenses incurred by Faculty & Staff under $250; and for submission of requests payable to outside vendors for non-Purchase Order items requiring a W-9 form.

  • Local Travel Form (PDF) for miscellaneous expenses relative to pre-approved TRAVEL WITHIN THE TRI-STATE AREA such as RR, car mileage at $.28 per mile, and parking/tolls.

  • Out-of-Town Travel (PDF) – EXPENSES RELATIVE to pre-approved/budgeted busines travel with appropriate items noted on the form. A Travel Authorization form is required beforehand as approved by both the Department head and the Budge office.

  • Travel Authorization Form (PDF)

  • W-9 Form Requirement by NYC System (PDF) - this requirement allows for all cumualtive $ over $600 annually to be considered for tax purposes in reporting income on a 1099 IRS form after the calendar year ends. Of course, reimbursement $ to NYC employees for business expenses are exempt from this requirement.

  • NYC Directive #6 (PDF) - this policy outlines the major particulars in processing Tax-Levy accounts payabel data for the College.


As part of the Queensborough Community College system, the accounts payable department supports the university by providing services necessary for financial management.

Our Mission is to provide professional, courteous service to the campus and community while maintaining high standards of quality to facilitate the university's goals and objectives. Specifically, the goal of the accounts payable department is to provide timely and accurate payments to vendors on behalf of the university, for operating expenses and to record those transactions in a manner consistent with university guidelines and New York State financial regulations. The responsibility of accounts payable is to review, approve and disburse company funds to satisfy liabilities, and to do so in a fair, efficient, and expeditious manner. To do this we must secure the proper documentation needed to expedite payments to vendors and employees. Through the use of a professional staff we are constantly looking for ways to better the payment process.

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