ESL - English as a Second Language

CUNY Language Immersion Program


If you wish to study in a college degree or certificate program but you do not feel you know enough English to begin your studies...

Academic Literacy

If you are an ESL student enrolled in college courses and you need to further increase your knowledge of academic English because you are not yet ready for Freshman Composition…

The Center for English Language Learners

…offers the following services for *all* Queensborough students who do not speak English as their first language:

  • In person tutoring in reading, writing, grammar, mechanics, and CUNY test preparation
  • Access to a website especially designed to address various language-related difficulties that students encounter in their academic work

Speech Communications & Theatre Arts

  • Speech evaluation is required of all entering students to determine their remedial speech requirements, if any.
  • One or two semesters of remedial speech SP-020, 005, 006 or 007 may be required.
  • The student must complete all remedial speech requirements within the first 36 credits and before he or she may register in SP-211, Speech Communication.
  • Students in degree programs must complete any required remedial speech courses before graduation.

Continuing Education

If you are an adult who works during the day and you wish to learn more English in the evening to help you at work or in your everyday life, look at our web site for information on our schedule of classes.

Port of Entry

Port of Entry

If you wish to study English full-time in a college setting and you need to take the TOEFL, then see our services…

Adult Literacy / EL/Civics

If you want to speak and understand English better for your daily life, view our Literacy program for information on our free day, evening, or Saturday English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

International Students Center

The International Students Center is a multiple office for the purposes of providing the following services: