Sabit Smailovic

Mechanical Engineering Technology

MT 900 Cooperative Education

Career Objectives: 
Obtain a position in the field of Mechanical Engineering utilizing my educational experience and skills to further expand my knowledge.

Mini Horizontal CNC milling machine model (one out of the four parts) machined in 6061-T6 Aluminum. The part was drawn in AutoCAD and programmed using Mastercam. It was machined on the Fadal 2016L VMC using the 4th rotary axis. Graphic images are shown of the cutting process and some of the CAD engineering drawings.

Cutting Tools:

  1. .000" Roughing End Mill
  2. 5/8" End Mill
  3. 1/8" End Mill
  4. #4 Center Drill
  5. #7 Drill
  6. ¼-20 Tap

CNC Machining Operations:

  1. 1.000" Roughing End Mill
    Side 1: 0°
    Side 2: 90°
    Side 3: 180°
    Side 4: 270°
  2. Turn 45° & mill angle ( 1.000" Roughing End Mill)
    Turn 315° & mill angle ( 1.000" Roughing End Mill)
  3. 5/8" End Mill (Go back to 0 )
    Finish the top 5/8 x .030 step
    Index 90° Finish 1st side
    Index 270° Finish 2nd side 
    Index 270° Finish with 1/8" End Mill the step
    Index 90° Finish with 1/8" End Mill the step
  4. Use the band saw to cut the part from the stock (leave .050 stock)
  5. Vise the part in the machine up right
  6. Finish the length with 1.000" Roughing End Mill
  7. Use #4 center drill to center drill the part
  8. Use #7 drill to drill the part
  9. Use ¼-20 Tap

AutoCAD Drawings:

To view, zoom and print these drawings without using AutoCAD, Download a free copy of the WHIP! Viewer. Merely click the drawing to view it, and then right click to pan and zoom in the drawing.


ss3.jpg (30730 bytes)
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