Anthony Aaron

Anthony Aaron

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Anthony Aaron

Computerized Manufacturing Technology

MT 164  Mastercam
MT 122 Manufacturing Processes

Educational Objectives:
Anthony is now busy taking 2 METDD Department programs, the Mechanical Engineering Technology Degree program and the Computerized Manufacturing Technology Certificate Program. He is taking courses in Business and Management as well.  Presently, as an experienced machinist, Anthony is seeking to upgrade his manufacturing skills to include the high-tech CAD/CAM and CNC technologies taught at QCC. While searching for a good CNC training program, he discovered QCC. He learned that any manual machinist who aspires to higher level skills can come here for career advancement. After comparing several technical schools, Anthony found QCC to have the best CNC training program in the metropolitan area.

Career Objectives: 
Anthony has 6 years conventional machine shop experience, worked for 10 years as an instructor in Industrial Arts, Secondary school level in Trinidad. After coming to U.S. over 2 years ago, he has been employed as a machine operator and machinist. At the same time he has been studying at QCC since he has been in this country. The goal of his work and study is to become a plant manager for the right hi-tech company. Nowadays, a competent manager must have technical knowledge of the manufacturing processes he oversees. Even a Harvard MBA, without the necessary hands-on manufacturing experience and technical know-how, can't cut it! The programs at QCC are successfully preparing him for these challenges ahead.

The graphic images show some of Anthony's work in the basic courses in the programs he is majoring in. Manually machined parts were made on a Bridgeport milling machine and Rockwell lathe. Also images of the part geometry created in Mastercam which drive the toolpaths to create the part programs for 3D graphic verification and final production of the parts.


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