Affirmative Action, Pluralism & Diversity / Compliance Office - Sample Recruitment and Selection Letters

Sample Letter explanations:

Acknowledgement Of Resume With Sase – Letter sent out by the AAPD office to acknowledge receipt of a resume.

Rejection of an Interviewed Candidate - This letter is for those persons invited to interview for a position but are not selected as a final incumbent.

Rejection Of Application Or Non-Interviewed Candidate - This letter is for applicants who are not invited to become candidates by being interviewed

Stop the Search – This letter goes to those individuals who have applied to a search that has either failed or the dept. cannot find any qualified candidates in the applicant pool.

To Confirm Interview - This letter is a letter of confirmation for applicants invited to interview

Will Not Continue The Search & Start A Future Search – This letter goes to applicants who have applied for a position, but the College has stopped the search, but the same language will be used in the future. The reason may be that the search committee is unable to develop a sufficient applicant pool or the dept. cannot find applicants with the qualifications they need.

Sample Letters

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