Using Your Pell Grant Refund to Purchase Books

All registered students who have extra financial aid funds (Pell Grant), remaining after their tuition and fees have been paid, will receive a "financial aid refund" paid directly to them. These funds may be used to buy books and supplies.

The payments will be available as follows:

  • All Spring 2017 registered students who have their financial aid awards finalized and posted to CUNYfirst (Pell Grant), and have extra financial aid funds available after their tuition and fees have been paid will be eligible.
  • Financial Aid refunds will be available on a weekly basis.
  • Payments can be received by Direct Deposit, CUNY Scholar Card, or Paper Check.
  • Paper checks which will be mailed to your home by the CUNY Central Office.

All checks can be used at the QCC campus book store. If you have not already signed up for Direct Deposit or the CUNY Scholar Card your Spring 2017 Financial Aid refund will be sent to you via paper check. You can sign up for the Direct Deposit or the CUNY Scholar Card for future financial aid payments.

The Pell book refund process is a two part process in CUNYfirst. The first part of this process refers to disbursement dates. Disbursement dates in CUNYfirst indicate that leftover Pell grant funds have been applied to the students’ account. This process runs every Monday. The second part of this process allows the leftover funds to be payable to the student. This process runs every Friday. If you have the CUNY Scholar Card or Direct Deposit you will receive your funds on the Friday of the week your leftover funds have been disbursed. If you opt for a paper check to be mailed to your residence, the check is then mailed on that Friday. All students should check their CUNYfirst accounts for information regarding both disbursement dates and dates payable to the student.

There is an exception with regard to the first Book Advance.  The disbursement will be on Monday, January 23rd and the refund will be payable Tuesday, January 24th, to allow sufficient time for you to purchase books prior to the start of the semester.

The dates are as follows:

Disbursement Dates

Payable to Student









All students who have not yet applied for financial aid and/or have not yet submitted requested documentation must allow 2-3 weeks for processing, so please do so immediately to reduce the delay in receiving your book advance.

Please note, all students who withdraw from some or all classes and/or do not attend classes will be responsible to repay some or all of the book advance funds. Please contact the Office of Financial Services for instructions or questions regarding how to return the funds, if you think this applies to you.

Students Receiving Direct Loans and Not Pell

If you have applied for a Direct Loan and it has been processed, the Spring portion of your loan will be credited to your account at Queensborough Community College on February 6, 2017. Please make arrangements on your own to purchase your books prior to the first Direct Loan disbursement date as classes will already be in session. If there are excess funds from your loan over and above the tuition and fees, a refund will be issued and payable to you on February 10, 2017.

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