Tobacco-Free Campus

QCC President Diane B. Call

I believe that an environmentally healthy campus supports our values and educational mission. I am also sympathetic to the challenges the CUNY wide tobacco-free policy presents to people who smoke– and at Queensborough, support services for those who wish to take this opportunity to quit smoking have been established.

Our goal is to proceed with the transition to a tobacco- free campus as smoothly as possible, in a respectful manner worthy of all the members of our community—both internal and external. We have worked hard to make our campus community aware of the policy, but we need your help to make the policy work.

I encourage you to add the updated message that QCC is now a tobacco-free campus, as I have done, to the bottom of your emails as part of the automatic signature. The Academic Computing Center has posted instructions to help you do so.

Our ongoing awareness and education campaign also includes information about support services available to people who want to quit smoking and/or the use of tobacco products. The Office of Health Services offers information and counseling as well as free nicotine patches and gum to those who request assistance. Anti-smoking kits are available and can be delivered directly to your home address.

Thank you for your cooperation with the implementation and compliance with CUNY’s tobacco-free policy at Queesborough Community College.

Dr. Diane B. Call

Quit Smoking
Visit the Office of Health Services for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy – patches and gum – and support in your efforts to stop smoking or using tobacco products.

Office of Health Services
Medical Arts Building
Room: MC-02