Urban Studies Internship Program

What is it?

The Urban Studies Internship Program offers you an approach to the problems of the city from the coordinated viewpoint of a practitioner and a student. Internships of 6 hours or 12 hours per week are designed to provide part-time, on-the-job professional training. You can earn 3 or 6 credits in social sciences for one semester.

Course Description

Students taking the Urban Studies Internship Program work in a community service agency or city government agency in such areas as education, the mentally and emotionally disturbed, the physically handicapped, neighborhood government, environmental protection, recreation, cultural affairs, housing, social welfare, programs for the aging, juvenile offenders, and the like. Internship assignments are based on the interests of the students and the availability of the positions. Three course offerings are available:

  • SS-901 - 3 credits/requires 135 hours at internship site
  • SS-902 - 3 credits/requires 135 hours at internship site; Pre-requisite: SS901
  • SS-911 - 6 credits/requires 270 hours at internship site

Who Is Eligible?

Open only to matriculated students who have achieved a minimum cumulative index of 2.5 and completed 24 credits and/or are recommended by the faculty. A student may register for a maximum of 6 credits in the internship program. The student is strongly encouraged to contact the supervisor before the start of the semester in order to secure optimal and timely placement.  Students may not receive credit for both SS901 and/or SS902 and SS911.

What Do Interns Do?

Internships offer on-the-job professional training in representative urban occupations such as social work, government, public interest activism, criminal justice, law, education, communications, health care, and cultural affairs. Students are required to work a minimum number of hours a week, attend regular meetings with the internship supervisor, and participate in a campus-wide Internship Forum during the semester. A grade of pass/fail is based on work evaluations and a paper.

What Does An Internship Offer?

The Urban Studies Internship Program can help you answer that often critical question of, "What should I major in?", or "What career is best for me?" by providing you with:

  • First-hand experience working in an area you think you might like to pursue
  • Experience in your chosen field to help you qualify for a paying job
  • Filed work to complement your academic courses
  • On the job training and practical life experience while earning college credits

How To Apply

A student application form and further information may be obtained from: Dr. Donald Tricarico

Telephone: 631-6015 or 621-6251

Please note that students are required to pre-register for the program by contacting Dr. Tricarico during the semester prior to registration. Students may not receive credit for both SS-901 and/or 902 and 911.

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