The LE1 Program Introduction


The Dual/Joint A.A./B.A. Degree Program, is an innovative program that is designed to assure timely completion of degree requirements and a smooth transition between QCC and QC. Students will earn the AA in Liberal Arts from QCC and then proceed without interruption to QC where they will complete the degree requirements for the BA with Elementary Education Certification and an academic major. The program is open to all students who have been admitted to QCC under the open admissions policy of the City University of New York. Students must follow a specific course of study and complete their two-year degree at QCC with the required cumulative grade point average (GPA) to be guaranteed acceptance to QC. Students who do not meet the program eligibility requirements or who are unsure of their major or choice of four-year college can continue at QCC and transfer through the traditional transfer.

In recent years, the increasing demand for teachers has become critical. New York City will need over 54,000 teachers over the next five years to replace retiring teachers and to staff additional classes for the increasing city population. Additionally, the number of minority students in primary and secondary schools is rising, and more than a third of today’s non-white teachers are expected to retire in the next five years. The Dual/Joint program is a response to the predicted teacher shortage nationwide, especially the shortage among minority teachers in the City of New York.

This program is designed to respond to the shortcomings within the teaching profession.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the program, students must meet the following requirements:

The Program at Queensborough Community College

The Dual/Joint Degree program in Liberal Arts, Science and Education, coordinated by the Social Sciences Department is specifically for students who are interested in pursuing teaching as a career, and who plan to transfer to the Queens College School of Education. Successful completion of Queensborough’s Associate of Arts degree requirements (60 credits) in Liberal Arts, can lead to admission to Queens College where students will complete the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Grades 1-6 provisional certification in teaching and a Liberal Arts co-major of their choice. The program has very specific academic requirements, which leads to the New York State provisional certification in teaching. It also ensures that the students’ course selection at Queensborough will simultaneously satisfy degree requirements at Queens College.

While a G.P.A. of 2.75 is the minimum requirement for consideration, it does not guarantee admission to the School of Education at Queens College. Students in this program are required to complete a Liberal Arts and Sciences major along with the Education major at Queens College. Queens College offers a wide range of liberal arts majors. The credit requirement for each major range from 27 credits to 89 credits.

Students who need additional skill development in reading, writing, mathematics and communication will be required to take basic skills and/or ESL courses.

What are the benefits for students?

Students participating in the Dual/Joint AA/BA Degree Program are eligible for:

Advisement and Counseling

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