The Claire Shulman Educational Technologies Center

The Claire Shulman Educational Technologies Center is a multimedia facility located in the Medical Arts Building room 129.

The Center was made possible by a grant from the City of New York approved by the Honorable Claire Shulman, President, Borough of Queens.

A dedication ceremony was held on Wednesday, October 17, 2001 to honor Claire Shulman and her support of the center. Queensborough President, Dr. Eduardo J. Marti, and Chairperson for Social Sciences, Dr. Katherine Stabile presided over the ceremony officially naming the center the Claire Shulman Educational Technologies Center.

The facility was designed by Dr. Phillip A. Pecorino and the Queensborough's technical staff to provide for the implementation of a Distance Learning Computer Lab, a Multi-point videoconferencing center, live internet broadcasting of lectures and labs along with Homebound student access via internet connectivity.

The center contains 24 computer workstations each equipped with microphone headsets and connected to the Internet providing students with access to the world wide web as well as department servers.

Haverford Systems designed the internal layout of the front lectern, installed the lectern and programmed it to the specifications agreed upon by the department.

Additionally the front of the room showcases a 42" Fujitsu Plasma screen used to show DVD movies or VHS recordings. An overhead Toshiba projector linked to the Instructor's station works in conjunction with a Smart Technologies SMART™ Board. This feature displays the instructor's desktop on a touch activate whiteboard allowing the instructor to use his/her fingers in place of a mouse for full application control.


SMART™ Board            Fujitsu Plasma screen

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