QCC Career Mentoring Program: 2007 – 2010

Career Mentoring

Thank you for your interest in the QCC Career Mentoring program. We are no longer accepting students or mentors for this program.

QCC has shifted focus from Career Mentoring to Academic Service-Learning. During the three years of our Career Mentoring program, over 300 students expressed interest in the program, over 100 mentors were recruited and trained, and over 200 students were matched with a mentor.

If you found this page, you are probably interested in joining or starting a mentoring program. Please feel free to browse and use the materials on this page. If you want to incorporate any of these materials into a program or publication of your own, please credit Queensborough Community College Career Mentoring Program.

Dear Student:

  • Do you want to know what it’s really like in today’s workplace?
  • Would you like support, encouragement or advice on your resume or job search?
  • Do you want to talk to a professional in your field?
  • Mentorships can contribute to success in your academic and professional pursuits.

With a mentor you can:

  • Explore your career goals
  • Examine options within fields
  • Share experiences making the transition from college to work
  • Seek helpful suggestions for a sresume
  • Discuss skills necessary for successful job interviews
  • Identify skills or information you need to be successful in the workforce
  • Find out about what it’s like to work in your field of interest

To read more about having a career mentor, read the Mentee Manual.

Dear Mentor:

A mentor encourages students to stay motivated and focused on their education.

A mentor passes on his or her professional knowledge and guides students as they explore potential career fields.

A mentor enhances and sharpens students' interpersonal skills.

Benefits of Being a Mentor

  • Enhance your coaching, leadership and managerial skills
  • Demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to personal and professional development
  • Develop new support networks among professionals
  • Heighten image of both your organization and the college
  • Receive personal joy and satisfaction from making a difference in someone else's life

To read more about being a career mentor, read the Mentor Manual.


What can a mentor offer to a student?

Get a Mentor…………………Get Connected

Queensborough Community College has graduated more than 45,000 students since 1962, many of whom have risen to the top of their respective fields. Recognizing the pivotal role career mentoring plays in higher education, the college provides an opportunity for alumni and professionals from the community to be involved as mentors in the lives and success of Career & Technical Education students.

While advising focuses on skills needed for academic success, career mentoring focuses on human relationships and resources needed for professional success.

How does career mentoring at QCC work?

How often do mentors and mentees meet?

Many students think they do not have the time to meet with a career mentor, and students and mentors have busy, conflicting schedules. For this reason, career mentoring at QCC is done mainly via email. Sometimes, mentors and mentees choose to meet in person or to communicate via phone.

Is there a time committment?

Students are asked to work with their mentors for at least one semester. The Mentee Manual includes many ideas for discussion topics to help students advance the conversation. There are no requirements for how frequently mentors and mentees get in touch with each other. The Office of Service Learning encourages students and mentors to communicate in whatever way is most convenient and effective for them. Mentoring can last for a semester, a year, or even continue after graduation, as long as the mentor and mentee are benefitting.

How does a student get a mentor?

Career mentoring is offered through the Office of Service Learning, to students who are engaged in service learning in their classes (CTE)????. Professors of service learning classes will inform the class that mentors are available. If a student is not in a service learning class, he or she can still get a mentor by contacting the Office of Service Learning on their own. Please email us at ServiceLearning@qcc.cuny.edu, or call us at 718-281-5612.

Who are the mentors?

Many mentors are QCC alumni who are recruited through the alumni association. Other mentors are working professionals in the community who were involved in service learning projects and became interested in the career mentoring program.

How are students and mentors matched?

Service learning staff members meet with interested students to ascertain the students' interests and their career and educational goals. Staff also interviews mentors to learn about their professional background. Students and mentors are then matched as closely as possible, based upon similar areas of interest. Office of Service Learning staff are available to assist students and mentors with all aspects of the mentoring relationship.

Mentor Links

Contact us:

Humanities Building - Room H 246
718- 281-5612

What students have said in the past about Career Mentoring:

I learned "how to focus more about the work that I’m doing." I learned "how to be positive; how to look around at my options."
Mentoring was "very helpful with all the changes in the field."
My mentor "answered my questions; I did not have anyone else to ask."
"I am very appreciative."
"A lot of students need to know more about what it is really like in their field"