Tuition Waiver Policy - Instructional Members

Article 29: Waiver of Tuition Fees

29.1   All full-time members of the instructional staff in this unit shall be granted a waiver of tuition fees for undergraduate credit-bearing courses offered by the University during the fall and spring semesters in accordance with the procedures for the waiver of undergraduate tuition fees for other groups of employees.

29.2   The parties agree to provide six credits per semester during the fall and spring semesters at the graduate level to full-time members of the instructional staff on a space available, no-cost basis.

29.3   An adjunct who has taught one or more courses in the same department at the same college for ten consecutive semesters (not including summer session) and who is appointed to teach a course of not fewer than three contact hours per week in a Fall or Spring semester shall be granted tuition remission for up to one course in that semester. If the course offered is at the graduate level, it shall be available on a space-available basis. An adjunct who has established eligibility for this tuition waiver shall lose eligibility if in any two out of three academic years the adjunct teaches in only one semester of the year at that college. Effective August 25, 2006, where an adjunct’s continuous appointments in a teaching title are immediately followed by an appointment to a Substitute full-time position on the instructional staff with no break in service, and the period of Substitute service is immediately followed by continuous appointment to an adjunct teaching title with no break in service, the period of adjunct service immediately preceding the Substitute appointment will be added to the continuous adjunct service immediately following the Substitute service, as though there were no break in adjunct service, for the purposes of determining eligibility for tuition remission.