Adjunct Benefits

The following benefits are available to adjunct members of the instructional staff. Based on eligibility criteria, there are various benefits available to adjuncts serving in their first semester in CUNY. These are: the enrollment in a pension system, the option to participate in a tax deferred annuity plan; the CUNY Work/Life Program, a long term care program, and the transit benefit transportation spending account. The Health Benefits and tuition waivers become available after the appropriate service time as indicated below.

Adjuncts are represented by the instructional staff union, the Professional Staff Congress (PSC). Appropriate agency shop dues will be deducted from paychecks based on this representation. Benefits are available to adjuncts based on the agreement between the PSC and the City University of New York (CUNY).

Health Insurance

The Professional Staff Congress (PSC)-City University of New York (CUNY) Welfare Fund provides the Empire HMO or the HIP Prime HMO plan. To be eligible for the health insurance benefit, you must be paid with tax-levy money, not be covered by health insurance through another source, and meet the following requirements:

If you are teaching less than six hours at one college, and you are working the necessary additional hours at another college, it is your responsibility to inform the PSC/CUNY Welfare Fund and both colleges that you qualify for benefits. If you do not, and a college reports that you are teaching less than six hours, your health coverage will be terminated. You will then receive a COBRA (continuation of health insurance at 102% cost) notice. If you do not bring the additional hours to PSC/CUNY’s attention within the time indicated on the COBRA letter, your coverage WILL BE TERMINATED AND WILL NOT BE REINSTATED FOR THAT SEMESTER.

CUNY Doctoral Students:

If you are employed as an adjunct Instructor, lecturer, Adjunct College Laboratory Technician or Non-Teaching Adjunct I or II; you are a matriculated as a doctoral student in CUNY, and you earn at least $4,122 a year, you are eligible to receive New York State health insurance coverage through (NYSHIP). You will not be eligible to receive adjunct health insurance through the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund. To enroll in this program, please go directly to If you have questions, please contact the Personnel Office at 718 631-6269.

Optical Plan:

General Vision has a discounted eyeglass plan for adjuncts and their family members. To register for you benefits, call 1-800-884-3332. Identify yourself as a PSC/CUNY Welfare Fund Optical Program for Part-Time Instructional Staff Vision Pass member, provide the account number of 4009.

Transit Benefit Transportation Spending Account (TSA) Program

The transit benefit program allows employees to save on transportation expenses through pre-tax payroll deductions. For information and enrollment go to

Pension System

Enrollment Application (PDF)

Designation of Beneficiary Form: EN6 (PDF) & EN8 (PDF)

Plan Information (PDF)

Adjuncts have the option to enroll in a retirement plan with the New York City Teachers’ Retirement System (NYCTRS). Adjuncts who serve at other institutions eligible for NYCTRS membership may be eligible to enroll at QCC as well. NYCTRS members, who are retired, and already collecting a NYCTRS pension, should inquire with the office of Faculty and Staff Relations (A-410) or the Personnel Office (A-412) regarding continued employment after retirement. Enrollment information is also available in the Personnel Office and on the TRS website.

Tax Deferred Annuity Plans

Although NYCTRS is the only option for a pension system, adjuncts have a choice of one of the following three tax-deferred annuity plans:

New York City Teachers
Retirement System
Visit website for information and forms.
Phone # 888-869-2877
HRC Services, Inc. Representative: Sandy Siff
Phone 800-786-1598
Contact HRC for enrollment information
(brochures are available in the Personnel Office)
TIAA-CREF information/enrollment packets are available in the Personnel Office.
Visit website for additional information

Adjuncts may participate in the New York State Deferred Compensation Plan 457B program in addition to participating in a regular tax deferred annuity. For enrollment information contact 1-800-422-8463 or visit: Enrollment forms are also available in the Personnel Office A-412.

Tuition Waiver

Available to teaching adjuncts for CUNY courses based on the PSC-CUNY agreement. Generally, an adjunct becomes eligible for a tuition waiver after the completion of serving ten consecutive semesters at the same college, in the same department. Adjuncts can obtain a tuition waiver for one undergraduate or one graduate CUNY course per semester (not including summer). Contact the Personnel Office to obtain a tuition waiver when eligible.


The PSC/CUNY Welfare Fund plan can be purchased through the John Hancock Insurance Company. This Plan is available for adjuncts in their third consecutive semester, teaching six or more credit hours and non teaching adjuncts working 17 ½ hours or more per week. Premiums are based on each individual’s age upon enrollment and the benefit option chosen. For additional information, please visit


The CUNY Work/Life Program is a voluntary, confidential and free program to help you balance your personal and professional responsibilities. This program offers a wide range of information and support to employees and their families. It includes traditional counseling for stress, family problems and substance abuse, and many other services including referrals for child and elder care. It also offers a financial services unit to get help with budgeting and legal assistance. These and other services are available free of charge by simply calling (800) 833-8707. You can also visit

Contact List

Ysabel Macea, Assistant Director of Personnel, QCC A-412, (718) 631-6269
Liza Larios, Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Labor Designee, QCC A-410, (718) 631-6243
PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund (212) 354-5230

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