Dr. Helmut Loeffler, Assistant Professor of History

Contact Information

Office: M-441

Office Phone: 718-281-5054

Email: HLoeffler@qcc.cuny.edu

Biography and Research Interests

hloeffler.jpgDr. Helmut Loeffler is an Assistant Professor of History.

He received his doctorate (Dr.phil) in Classics (Klassische Philologie) from the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich in 2007.

Research and teaching interests include ancient Greek history; history of classical scholarship;classical mythology and its reception; Greek tragedy.

Courses taught: Greek History; Introduction to Ancient Civilizations; Classical Mythology;Herodotus; Ancient Greek and Latin.



Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff Bibliography 1867-2010 (co-edited with William M. Calder III, Michael Armstrong, Wolfgang Buchwald (†)) Hildesheim/Muenchen/Zuerich 2012

Fehlentscheidungen bei Herodot, Tuebingen 2008 (241pp). Review: Julia Kindt, JHS 129 (2009)155-56

Articles in books, journals etc.:

Notes of Wilamowitz' course on Pindar. Berlin 1900/01. A First Edition”, ICS 31-32 (2006-2007, published 2009) 145-205

”Decision Making in Herodotus’ Histories”, in: In Pursuit of Wissenschaft. Festschrift fuer William M. Calder III zum 75. Geburtstag, ed. Stephan Heilen, Robert Kirstein, R. Scott Smith, Stephen M. Trzaskoma, Rogier L. van der Wal and Matthias Vorwerk, Hildesheim/Zuerich/New York 2008, 265-298. Reviews: Massimo Magnani, BMCR 2010.01.13 (2010)

Bibliographisches Addendum: Euripides 2001-2005, in: Forschungsbericht zu Euripides (I)1970- 2000, ed. Martin Hose, Lustrum 47 (2006)


Tim Rood: American Anabasis: Xenophon and the Idea of America from the Mexican War to Iraq. London/New York 2010 in Gnomon 84 (2012) 502-505


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