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The New York State Tuition Assistance Programs

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

Sponsored by the State of New York, TAP provides tuition assistance for full-time degree (matriculated) students (that is, students enrolled for 12 or more credits and/or equated credits) depending upon the family net taxable income. All students should apply for TAP each year by completing the FAFSA and clicking on the link on the FAFSA Confirmation Page to go to “ TAP on the web”. Students apply on the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) Website. This application starts with the Summer semester, continues with the Fall, and ends with the Spring. Students whose applications for TAP are approved will receive an award certificate from HESC, which states the amount of aid. The amount of the TAP award is scaled according to the level of study, tuition charged, and the net taxable income, as well as the number of TAP payments received.

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A student enrolled in a two year school cannot receive more than six semesters of TAP while completing the program. If the award certificate is received before that student’s tuition bill is due, tuition will be reduced by the amount stated on this certificate. If the certificate is received after the tuition bill is due, the student will pay the tuition at the time of registration and will be reimbursed later in the school year.

Eligibility for TAP
To be eligible for TAP, students must be

  1. New York State residents and U.S. citizens or permanent residents;
  2. enrolled as full-time matriculated students in an approved New York State postsecondary institution; and
  3. have, if dependent, a family net taxable income below a specified amount, or, if independent, a taxable income below certain specified amounts as stated in the application.

Important Reminders:

  1. To be eligible for a full-time TAP award, a student must register for a minimum of 12 credits and/or equated credits, which must include at least six credits in credit-bearing courses.
  2. These 12 credits/equated credits must be for coursework that meets the requirements of their specific degree program.
  3. For the first TAP payment, only three (3) credits in credit-bearing courses are required.
  4. Students who withdraw from all courses during a semester will lose eligibility for TAP in the next semester. These credits must be required by the curriculum.

Aid for Part-Time Study (APTS)

The Aid for PART-TIME Study (APTS) program, sponsored by the State of New York, was established to provide tuition assistance for part-time matriculated students. The students of Queensborough should apply for TAP using the FAFSA and linking to the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation website, and complete the CUNY Supplement on the CUNY Portal.

Eligibility for APTS

APTS is not an entitlement program. There are limited resources. The institution (CUNY) selects and determines the individual award amounts. To be eligible, students must: (1) be enrolled as a part-time student in an approved undergraduate degree program in New York State (part-time is defined as at least six [6] but no more than eleven [11] equated credits); (2) meet the income limits — if a student is not eligible to be claimed as a tax dependent, the student’s net taxable income cannot exceed $34,250; if a student is claimed as tax dependent, the family’s net taxable income cannot exceed $50,500; (3) be a New York State resident; (4) be either a U.S. citizen or permanent resident; (5) have a tuition charge of at least $100 per year; and (6) have remaining TAP eligibility.

APTS awards

The money available for all participating institutions is set each year in the State budget. The amount received by a particular college is determined by the school’s percentage of the total part-time enrollment at all participating institutions. The number and the amount of awards is determined by the participating institution based on its allocation of funds.

Campus Cultural Centers

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Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
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QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

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The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.